eBay – Tips and Tricks for Publishing

These are some reference points before you start listing your products to eBay. Follow these tips before you get started!

When you are looking to list new products on eBay there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. Even while using the Marketplace Management publishing tool there are some requirements that eBay asks of its sellers. Hopefully, this article can highlight some of the things you should be aware of before listing to eBay.

  1. Make sure that you are opted into eBay’s new business policies.

    1. This is a requirement for you to list through Marketplace Management. You can find the direct link here: How to Opt into eBay's business policies
    2. If you have more than one eBay account integrated with Marketplace Management, you will need all eBay accounts to opt into the process and apply to your corresponding Marketplace Management accounts.
    3. How can I confirm if I am opted in? 
      1. If you go to Settings -> Integrations -> eBay -> Listing Details, you can select from the available policies in the drop-down menus. 
      2. If you do not opt into eBay business policies, the policy options under Listing Details will either say "none" or prompt you to opt in with a link to eBay.
  1. After opting in, confirm your Default Policy options are established

    1. After opting in you will see some options appear within your eBay integration tile. This information is going to be what is applied to any eBay listing within your Marketplace Management account. You can override these options within the SKUPane on a per SKU basis but if you do not want to go through the items one by one, this default option is a benefit to you.
  2. Always check for eBay duplicates prior to listing your products.

    1. While this is not a necessity, this is good practice for all eBay interactions moving forward. For more information read more about eBay and eBay duplicates.
  3. In order for Marketplace Management to update your eBay listings, they must be created within Marketplace Management.

    1. We can still interact with the prices and quantities of your existing eBay catalog but if you did attempt to publish the item through our system, we would create a brand new eBay listing.
  4. eBay does not allow you to list 0 quantity items.

    1. You can attempt to list products initially and then move the quantities down to 0 but this can impact your SKUs on other marketplaces. 
    2. This workflow is also impacted if the SKU is an FBA SKU.
      1. Please reach out to support@selleractive.com for additional information on this process.