How do I make sure that my FBA quantity reaches the non-Amazon sales channel?

SellerActive makes it easy to list products to different marketplaces with FBA quantities with the intent of using cross-channel fulfillment. You can then route those orders automatically to Amazon's warehouse or you can choose to manually send those order through the Order Management page. The only requirement is that you must have the SKU match across your sales channels. If the SKU matches, then this setup is possible. 

  1. Integrate Amazon and the Sales channel you wish to cross-channel fulfill
  2. Go into your Amazon integration tile and map your shipping methods with the given marketplace.  
    1. Setting up this mapping will automatically send the order to Amazon's warehouse for fulfillment. If there are specific shipping options that you want to fulfill manually, do not add them to this list
    2. You must add a unique shipping mapping for each option within your store. 
  3. Ensure that "Enable Auto FBA" is active within your sales channel settings. Make sure to save your settings.
    1. If this is not checked we will send any available quantity in your Default Warehouse. 
    2. Your shipping mappings must be established in order for the FBA quantity to be sent to the marketplace. If this setting is checked and you are still not seeing FBA quantities reach the sales channel, please check your Amazon integration tile.