1. Fulfillment Centers

How to Add a Fulfillment Center or Location to Your Listings

Your SellerActive account gives you the ability to create locations for your SKUs. Locations will be marked within the Order Manager when a purchase is made. Here's how to add a fulfillment center/location.

Things to note

  • In SellerActive, "Locations" means Fulfillment Center, e.g. "West Coast Warehouse", as opposed to a shelf location within a warehouse.
  • If you are working with Deliverr, Deliverr is its own location, separate from your own personal warehouse.
  • If you set a location for your items, you will be required to specify a location whenever you update quantities going forward.
  • Locations must be prioritized in descending order. The location you set as your #1 priority will be used to fulfill orders first, and once that location has a quantity of 0, SellerActive will automatically begin to fulfill orders from your #2 priority location.

How to Add a New Fulfillment Center or Location

Locations can be added from within the SKUPane, or in bulk via an upload template.


  1. Open up your SKUPane and Select the “Inventory” Tab
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2. Click within the Location Box and select your location. (If you have not created one for this SKU, you can create one from Scratch. Press the plus button when completed and that Location will now be visible within the SKUPane for any of your listings.)

3. Select your Location from the dropdown menu and confirm the quantity you have in this warehouse.

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4. If you have more then one warehouse, drag and drop your location to assign the priority.

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5. Press Save and you’re finished!

In Bulk

You can create, delete, or modify the quantities of locations via a file upload. Location Priority is only required if you have more then one location.

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