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Transferring Over to SellerActive from Another Software Solution

Here are the recommended steps to take when transferring over marketplaces and data from a previous software solution over to SellerActive

 Step Location / Software  Purpose
Export full inventory  Previous Software  Save all available data 
Upload product data which did not import along with the category as a tag  SellerActive 

Migrating data to the SellerActive platform

How to export / import

Remove previous software’s permissions to deactivate or remove listing details  Amazon  Prevent listings being deactivated or required details removed 
Pre-go live checklist actions and onboarding plan steps  SellerActive 


If you're working with an implementation manager, please use their custom onboarding plan.

High level review of number of active listings on each channel to have a baseline prior to switching to SA  Channel   
Deactivate other software solution and enable SellerActive’s outbound settings to allow publishing of listings, and to update prices and quantities. 

Previous Software Solution & SellerActive  

High level review of number of active listings on each channel to verify all looks as expected after switching to SA  Channels  Make sure all listings and data have successfully migrated over to the SA platform. 
Enable additional integrations (Example: ShipStation) Complete setup of SellerActive and all 3rd Party integrations

Steps to take prior to--- 

Before deactivating previous software solution make sure to perform a full inventory export containing as much data as your previous software will allow you to gather.  

Files to prepare--- 

Key data to export from previous solution – Pricing, Quantities, Locations, and Product Data specifically (Cost, Categories, and Variations if applicable)  

SellerActive is a SKU based system so you will need the SKU in your export that corresponds with the additional data mentioned above. Once you have the file ready navigate to the Product Workspace -> Import -> Products in SellerActive.  

To include a Tag with your SKU via upload add a column with header Tag_1 and input whatever data you would like your Tag to display. For example, we recommend inputting the Listing Category as a Tag that way it is easy to categorize your items during the listing process by utilizing your Tag's in a filter view. 

Amazon specific steps--- 

Once all data has been imported into SA successfully you will want to remove permissions from your previous software directly on the Marketplace (i.e. Amazon). Some softwares are known to deactivate listings or remove information once you cancel their service, so it is advised to preemptively remove their ability to affect listings. You can do this on all channels you have integrated but we recommend first removing MWS Permissions on Amazon. See our Removing Amazon MWS Permission article on how to easily remove permission on Amazon Seller Central

Things that could happen to watch out for --- 

If you are exporting quantities from another software into SellerActive make sure that the export / import is done immediately, otherwise orders placed during the time of transition could throw off your inventory count.  SellerActive will automatically pull in quantity from the Marketplace so only do this if quantity does not look correct in SellerActive.  

Things to prevent or address ---  

If data is removed from any of your marketplace channels when deactivating your previous software, it may be possible to re-publish the item using SellerActive and supplementing it with the backup data that has been exported.  

Click on the product in SellerActive that is missing information on the Marketplace. Make sure the item has all the necessary data in the Product tab. If the data looks sufficient, click Publish from the Listings Workspace to send that listing out to the Marketplace.  

If publishing from SellerActive is unsuccessful, please see our Fixing Suppressed Listings on Amazon article to reupload your listings data.