Walmart "Win the Buy Box" Repricing Strategy (BB Notification Based)

How does the BB notification based Walmart "Win the Buy Box" strategy work?

Walmart's Buy Box notifications allow Marketplace Management to receive instant Buy Box notifications when there is a change in the Buy Box owner, therefore, allowing for more frequent repricing activity.

Marketplace Management's sellers are leveraging this new notification system for repricing. So far, our initial results indicate that for items not at their minimum prices, our BB notification-based repricer captures the Buy Box for sellers a much higher % of the time. When not winning the Buy Box, sellers are competing with either Walmart or someone who has a much faster shipping option than their own.

If the current frequency in which a competing repricer is not updating your prices as fast as you're looking for to win the Buy Box, read on to learn more details, and please reach out to a Marketplace Management team member to sign up and/or add the repricing add-on if you're interested.

Watch the "Learn How to use Marketplace Management's repricer" video series, which includes a video overview of the Walmart Win the Buy Box strategy.


Walmart Buy Box Repricing: Prior to BB notifications

Historically, for any Walmart listings assigned a Win the Buy Box strategy, Marketplace Management would reprice these items once or twice a day based on an available Buy Box report from Walmart (due to how often Walmart was making this information available). 

Walmart Repricing: BB Notification Based

Here is a brief summary of what to expect below. Please note that details on frequency, amounts, and other aspects may be fluidly changing to improve the overall win rate.

With Walmart's instant Buy Box notification (whenever there is a change in Buy Box owner), Marketplace Management will be able to see the current Buy Box price and quickly reprice your items lower to try to win the Buy Box. As of now, Marketplace Management will reprice by $.01 lower.

    • If this repricing activity wins the BuyBox, the item's price will stay that price (whether it be minutes or days) until Marketplace Management receives a notification that the Buy Box owner has changed (been lost) or Walmart's daily report has new competitor data. In the case that you own the BuyBox and the daily report has new competitor data, Marketplace Management will reprice again to help maximize profits as long as you have a maximum price set and the maximum price is less than 4 times your minimum price.
      • Once you own the BuyBox and Walmart provides an updated daily BuyBox report:
        • If there is another competitor above your price, Marketplace Management will move up to $.01 below their price as long as it is under your set maximum price.
        • If there are no other competitors, Marketplace Management will price to your preferred price.
    • If this repricing activity does not win the Buy Box, Marketplace Management will continue to send price updates every 15 minutes and reprice down by $.01 to try to win the Buy Box until:
      • You win the Buy Box.
      • Your set minimum price is reached. If your minimum price is reached, your price will stay at that price until Marketplace Management receives another Buy Box ownership change notification, at which the repricing will start again.
        • If Marketplace Management receives a new Buy Box owner change notification and the Buy Box price is lower than your minimum price, you will still remain at your minimum price.
      • There is a change in the Buy Box owner. Marketplace Management will receive a new notification from Walmart and restart repricing again. New Walmart notifications will not be available until there is a Buy Box owner change.

If you would like to see details of the repricing activity, you can see that information on a per-SKU basis. Select the SKU from either workspace and go to Listings -> Walmart to review your items Pricing History

Here are the Key Benefits:

  • Instantly compete against the BB owner when repricing is turned on
  • If the BB is not owned, we will continue to compete for the BB with price adjustments every 15 minutes
  • We have custom dynamic pricing bounds that will protect your ROI
    (taking Cost + other variables into consideration)
  • On heavily competitive Products that have many offers, we will compete quickly and accurately versus your competition. 
  • You may also configure optional settings to exclude pricing against competitors below your minimum price and also override the pricing strategy and set it to your preferred price when you're at your minimum price without the Buy Box.

Things To Note:

  • As of now, if Marketplace Management sees that the Buy Box owner is Walmart, Marketplace Management will default to your Preferred Price and not compete for the Buy Box due to less available data.
  • There are other factors in Buy Box ownership, such as if the price is the same, faster shipping speeds, and seller ratings
  • You currently cannot customize the default amount/percentage of the hourly price adjustments 
  • Manual price changes can speed up repricing but the automatic repricing changes are driven by changes to the BuyBox owner
  • In order to reprice up once you own the BuyBox, ensure you have maximum prices set and the maximum prices are less than 4 times your minimum price. This is in place as a precaution. 
  • Note: In order to reprice, your listing has to be active with an available quantity

🏁 If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to your account rep or