Required Steps to Get Started with SellerActive and Deliverr

Ready to set up and connect your SellerActive and Deliverr accounts? Here are the steps for you to take to get started.

Further below are additional FAQs and diagrams 

Please note: If any of the following apply to you, please contact prior to getting started:

    • If you’re coming from another inventory management solution and use Alternate SKUs or ghost SKUs
    • You use SkuVault
    • You have multiple instances of a single sales channel (i.e. three Shopify stores)
    • If you have multiple locations in Shopify. Please note that SellerActive does not support the multiple-location functionality within Shopify at this time.
    • You have split shipments
  1. Log into SellerActive and set up your sales channel integrations to import your Product catalog.
    • Here is an article with details on setting up your Integrations.
    • In the left panel, select Settings, select Integrations and then select each sales channel.
    • If you have listings on Amazon, integrate Amazon prior to other sales channels.
    • If you do not have listings on Amazon, proceed with integrating Walmart and your other sales channels.
    • If you have FBA inventory, view the video posted here to learn how to create FBM listings and reach out to Support if you have any questions. This article from Deliverr also discusses options on how to create secondary SKUs or converting FBA listings.

  2. In Deliverr, select and connect with SellerActive.
    • If you’re new to Deliverr and have not integrated with Walmart or another sales channel, start within Deliverr to select and connect with SellerActive using the steps defined in this video
    • If you’re an existing Deliverr customer and previously used a third-party listing tool or had your sales channel(s) directly connected to your Deliverr account, you'll need to remove these direct integrations first within Deliverr. If you have questions on how to remove these integrations, reach out to Deliverr’s support team to have your previous integration moved to SellerActive before proceeding.
    • If you had or have a direct connection with Shopify, you will need to disconnect your direct connection between Shopify and Deliverr, and also ensure that within Shopify, Deliverr no longer appears as a selectable fulfillment center option.
  3. Your existing products will automatically be imported from your sales channels and be present in your Deliverr account within 30 minutes. 
    • View this SellerActive workflow video for additional steps on how to select the products you plan on sending inventory to Deliverr.
    • If you are integrated with eBay and you are not seeing your entire inventory present within SellerActive, you may have duplicated Custom Labels. To learn more, please reference this article.
  4. Additional Optional Integrations: In the left panel, go to Settings, select Integrations and then Add Services.
    • Shipping Solutions: Select the tool you’d like to integrate.
    • Warehouse Management: If you use SKUVault as your warehouse management system, reach out to SellerActive Support if you have not yet already done so. Please note that if you select “Add Account,” SellerActive will default to send orders to SkuVault.
  5. Required Critical Step: Enable Outbound settings to turn on Price and Quantity settings but please review the provided instructions on each integration's settings to understand when to turn this on.
  6. Send your inventory to Deliverr.
    • For more details on this step, view this video.
    • If you have any questions regarding the 2-day delivery or fast tag settings in Deliverr, please contact Deliverr support or visit this page.
    • Using Deliverr, you will not be able to use SellerActive to set your Walmart Shipping Templates as Deliverr will be managing this to ensure you maintain any 2-3 day shipping speeds.
    • At this time, SellerActive will not allow you to prioritize your Deliverr quantities above the FBA quantities. We suggest providing a different SKU for your FBA listings as mentioned in step 1. For more information on that process, view this page and please reach out to SellerActive Support if you have any questions. Here is more general information on how to prioritize your Deliverr Fulfillment center over other fulfillment centers. 
  7. Once Deliverr receives your inventory, SellerActive will reflect the updated quantities under your Products workspace.
      1. If you do not see your Deliverr quantity present within SellerActive or the quantities look incorrect, please reach out to SellerActive support. We have the ability to prompt a full quantity update from Deliverr -> SellerActive and make sure your quantities are in sync.
  8. Go live.
        • If you’re an existing customer with Walmart (or other marketplaces you integrated with), Deliverr and SellerActive are synced and you will be live at this point.
        • If you’re new to Walmart (or other marketplaces) and do not have any listings, you will need to publish your listings using the Products and Listings workspaces in SellerActive. For more details on this step, view this video. Once published, you will be live at this point.

      As a reference, here are example diagrams of your workflow before (sandbox mode with Outbound settings off) and after you go live with SellerActive and Deliverr:

      Before going live (Sandbox mode):






      Need Additional help on getting started?

      Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about the Deliverr integration and managing Deliverr orders. Here's a link to Deliverr related articles from our knowledge base

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