Professional Services

Focus on your business and let us help with projects you don't have the time, resources, or expertise to execute for success.

Contact us with a summary of the services you are looking for and we will schedule a call to discuss your project. Once we scope your project, we will provide you with an estimate of time and cost, without any obligation to proceed.

Examples of services we provide:


New Seller Marketplace Launch Program

Do you want to start selling on Amazon or Walmart and need guidance on where and how to get started? Let us leverage our partnerships and consult you through the application, approvals and account set up process to help expedite your launch.

New Marketplace Listing

Want to expand to new marketplaces you're not on yet? Let us quickly manage the transfer of listings from your current marketplace to those new platforms.


Multichannel Inventory Expansion

If your entire product offering isn't fully listed on your marketplaces, let us expand those listings to include complete inventory. 

Inventory Management and Clean-Up

Don't have enough time to keep products and listings updated? We've got you covered to help with the following:

  • Clean-up and removal of duplicated listings
  • Non-matching SKUs  across marketplaces
  • Large bundling or variation set-up projects

Data Enrichment

Looking to efficiently add more detail about your products across all marketplaces? Content enrichment projects provide a higher level of detail for your listings.


Refresh Trainings

For a refresher on the latest capabilities SellerActive has to offer your business needs, check out our client-specific training that covers any aspect of our software that pertains to your workflow. We also offer direct training sessions for any new staff members you might have on your team. 

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"The expansion to more markets has been a big help. We've already seen close to 20% of additional sales through offering our products on various marketplaces. I think SellerActive is an excellent company to work with when it comes to implementing, organizing and working with multiple channels. They've saved us a ton of time and we are looking at a good return so far, and that can be hard to get back."

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