Ready to allow SellerActive to update your prices and quantities? Check out our pre go-live checklist.

Are you ready to turn on the integration settings for SellerActive to updates prices and quantities on your channels? Here are a few things to review prior.

When you first log into SellerActive and set up your account, SellerActive will by default not allow you to publish listings nor update any prices nor quantities out to your integrated channels until you're ready and turn on the specific settings for each site. SellerActive will only import data from the sales channels.

Here are a few things we recommend you review prior to allowing SellerActive to be the source and send out updates to the channels:

✔️ Channels/Carts Integrated and Products/Listings Have Imported
✔️ Prices in SellerActive are correct
✔️ Quantities and Fulfillment Centers are correct
✔️ Orders have imported and are updating quantities
✔️ Shipping Solution is set up
✔️ Other Software solutions have been disabled?
✔️ Repricing Strategies have all required costs and prices entered 

Need more information on how to review and update any of the above? See further below for more details.

All set to go live? 

If you have reviewed the above and all looks good, you may enable your Outbound settings to "On" for each channel to go live. Check out this Integrations article to learn more about these settings and turn on the settings to allow SellerActive to update your prices and quantities, and start listing and repricing.

Please keep in mind that you should no longer update the sales channel directly with prices and quantities. All updates will need to be done in SellerActive.  If you update the sales channels directly, SellerActive will not import those changes and will override the channels with the information in SellerActive.

✔️ Channels/Carts Integrated and Products/Listings Have Imported

  • Have you integrated all of your sales channels such as Amazon (integrate Amazon first), ebay, Walmart, and your shopping cart? (Settings > Integrations)
    • Please note that for ebay, SellerActive will not allow duplicate SKUs. Please view this article to see how to fix the duplicate SKUs to allow your items to fully import and your integration to be functional.
  • Have all of your products completed importing from the channels? This typically can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours depending on the number of SKUs you have.
    • Once your accounts are integrated, SellerActive will pull in all of your Listings from each sales channel and augment with additional product details from Amazon if available.
    • You will normally have more Listings than you would have Products. 
      • Why do you have more Listings than Products? Each Listing has its own line in the Listings Workspace. When SellerActive imports those items in, we will automatically create a line item in the Product Workspace for that SKU. If you have SKU1234 and that SKU is listed on Amazon, ebay and Walmart, then there would be three listings for the single product of SKU1234.
    • When we first integrate your sales channels, we will import all of your active and inactive inventory. Inactive inventory will have a 0 quantity but if you want to remove these listings prior to going live, you can remove the product from SellerActive, please view this article to see how. If you want the listing to be completely removed from the channel/cart then you will need to perform a removal or archive action on the sale channel directly. After the initial import, we will only import your active products.

✔️ Prices are correct

  • In the Listings Workspace, ensure you have Prices and Preferred Prices filled out. Minimum and Maximum Prices should be filled out if you plan on manually assigning your min/max prices per listing for repricing. Here is how to update these in bulk.
  • In the Products Workspace, ensure you have Cost (required) and Fulfillment Center Cost (optional) filled out for all of your products if you plan on using dynamic min/max prices for repricing strategies. Here is how to update your Cost in bulk.

    ✔️ Quantities and Fulfillment Centers are correct


    • On the Listings Workspace, review the Quantity column to ensure you have the correct quantities you'd like SellerActive to send out to the channels.
      • When SellerActive see's a brand new SKU for the first time, we will set the default quantity to what is present on your integrated channel/cart. We will assign this quantity to a default Fulfillment Center. If you have not created a Fulfillment Center prior to importing your inventory then the quantity will be assigned to "My Warehouse."
      • If you integrate a sales channel and the SKU already exists in SellerActive, we will prioritize the quantity that is already within our application. When you move your account to live, we will push the quantity we have on hand to your channels/carts.
    • If you need to update any quantities, you may do so one by one in our user interface, or you may update it in bulk.
    • If you have items you no longer sell or no longer have inventory for, check for these items to ensure you do not have quantity showing for them in SellerActive.

    Fulfillment Centers

    • Go to Settings > Fulfillment Centers to see where your quantities are assigned
    • By default, SellerActive will create a fulfillment center for your merchant fulfilled quantities called My Warehouse
    • If you have multiple warehouses, you may add additional fulfillment centers and will need to update your quantities for each Fulfillment Center in bulk.
    • If you use Deliverr, SkuVault, and/or Amazon FBA, then Fulfillment Centers will be created for you upon integration. If the quantities for those FCs do not look correct, please reach out to SellerActive Support.

    ✔️ Orders have imported and are updating quantities

    When the integrations with your Channels/Carts are first established, SellerActive will gather all orders within the last 30 days from your Channels/Carts by default, including previously shipped orders. Those orders will appear in the Orders workspace and will not cause quantity deductions for your account at this point.

    • SellerActive Support can backdate the initial order import process for specific Channels/Carts up to 90 days. Other options include creating orders manually using a flat file upload within SellerActive.)
    • For Walmart, by default, SellerActive will not import previously Acknowledged orders from Walmart. Within your Walmart Integration settings (Settings > Integrations > Walmart) there is an option to import acknowledged orders and this can be turned on or off at any time.

    After the initial order import and moving forward, SellerActive will attempt to gather all Unshipped orders from the sales channel if "Gather Orders" is active for that Channel/Cart. All unshipped orders will route into SellerActive and cause quantity deductions.

    Here's an example of what to expect:

    1. You integrate Walmart and Amazon and have not yet turned on the Quantity sync setting in SellerActive.
    2. SellerActive initially pulls in a quantity of 10 for one of your products and sets the quantity to 10 for Amazon and Walmart in SellerActive.
    3. Quantity Sync is still off.
    4. An unshipped order from Amazon is pulled in later that day with an ordered quantity of 2.
    5. SA deducts and updates the quantity from 10 to 8 for that product in SellerActive. Amazon now has 8 (as that was where the order was from) but Walmart still has 10.
    6. Later on, you then turn on the Quantity Sync setting in SellerActive to On to allow SellerActive up send out quantities to all of your integrated channels.
    7. The quantity for that product that SellerActive is storing and then sends is 8.
    8. Amazon and Walmart are now in sync with quantity 8.

    If you're using a shipping solution (i.e. Shipstation) then you will need the Unshipped orders to reach SellerActive to create quantity deductions. If your orders are being interacted with by another third party from your Channel/Cart directly, it is best to confirm your workflow prior to going live with SellerActive Support.

    ✔️ Shipping Solution is set up

    • Integrate your shipping solution (Settings > Integrations). Allow SellerActive the ability to "Update Shipping" under settings for each specific channel. Ensure you do not have the shipping solution directly integrated to the sales channel if you have integrated it within SellerActive.

      ✔️ Other Software solutions have been disabled?

      • Ensure you have no other third party solutions connected to the channels that may impact your prices or quantities.
      • Export all available product/listing data from your previous software solution.
      • If you use a shipping solution, disconnect any direct connections from channels you may have previously had a direct integration with. 

        ✔️ Repricing Strategies have all required costs and prices entered 

        If you're planning on using SellerActive's pricing strategies to competitively reprice your items, please ensure you have these fields filled out prior to going live with updating Prices with pricing strategies:

        For Repricing Only Customers: If you do NOT plan on using SellerActive to manage your quantities on the integrated channels and communicate quantities outbound, then your Outbound setting for Quantities will stay "Off."

        • SellerActive will not continuously import updated quantities from the channels.
        • To allow quantities from the channels to continue to import into SellerActive so your listings will reprice as expected (i.e. If quantity = 0 in SellerActive and quantity = 25 on Walmart, this item will not reprice since SellerActive sees this item is not available for sale.), reach out to Support to enable a setting to allow "incoming quantity updates" to update the quantities in SellerActive.