5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Selling on Jet.com

October 24,2016
by Kristin Foster


We have received an overwhelming number of requests over the past year to integrate with Jet.com, the newest marketplace that promises better margins, new customers, and a fairer marketplace for sellers. If you’ve received our blogs and emails lately, you’ll know that we are working on making a Jet.com integration with SellerActive a reality. Woohoo!

Are you considering applying to become a seller on Jet? We’ve rounded up a few pros and cons on this issue, along with other helpful tips to make your experience successful.

Challenges Aspiring Jet.com Sellers Need to Be Aware Of

The application process may be lengthy. In order to begin selling on Jet, you must apply to become a retail partner. We’ve heard the application process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3+ months, so get started early if this is something you want to take advantage of soon!

No seller interface. Sellers must integrate with the Jet API directly by developing their own inventory management system or through a  third-party platform, such as SellerActive, after being approved. Since there isn’t a regular seller interface, some sellers might be stuck figuring out how to get started.

Why You Should Sell on Jet.com

Not as many fees as other marketplaces. Jet.com does not charge any sign-up fees, monthly fees, or fees to list products. This has many sellers rejoicing, especially if they currently sell on Amazon.com, where there are many fees to sign up and maintain an account. The only fees associated with Jet.com are commissions on the items fulfilled.

You’ll reach new customers. Jet offers an additional discount for any customer who’s willing to give out their email address. This allows for sellers to personalize messaging down the road for reordering.

Extra savings for your customers. Jet also offers extra savings when customers order multiple items all together, especially when they are located in the same warehouse. Customers will also be rewarded with a small discount when they use a debit card for purchases.

Still have questions? Head over to the Jet FAQ page or reply to this post. We are so thrilled to get our customers selling on Jet.com soon!

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