Introducing Enhanced BigCommerce Features on SellerActive

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We're excited to announce several new updates and features on SellerActive designed specifically to enhance your experience if you've recently migrated from Codisto to SellerActive through BigCommerce. These improvements are tailored to streamline your operations and empower your selling potential. Here's a detailed look at what's new:

Additional Order Fields To improve searchability, we've integrated marketplace orderIDs into the 'staff_notes' property for BigCommerce orders. Now, finding orders by their marketplace orderID is easier than ever.

Product Import Updates We've optimized BigCommerce product imports by breaking them into multiple steps, allowing us to handle catalogs of up to one million products efficiently. New settings filter out unavailable products during import, further enhancing performance.

Bundle Orders Exporting bundled orders to BigCommerce is now more customizable. Choose to export just the bundle SKU, component SKUs, or all SKUs to suit your reporting needs.


Tracking Updates Enhancements have been made to shipment tracking from BigCommerce. We now match carriers more accurately using tracking URLs, improving tracking reliability. Additionally, we've implemented safeguards to ensure we capture tracking information without missing updates.

Tax Information For sellers not collecting marketplace taxes, a new setting filters out tax information from orders exported to BigCommerce, ensuring compliance and clarity.

tax info

Shipping Tax We've enhanced order updates by including "Shipping_cost_inc_tax" and "Shipping_cost_ex_tax" properties, aligning with how shipping taxes were handled with Codisto.

Inbound and Outbound Settings New UX features prevent inadvertent activation of conflicting inbound and outbound settings for price and quantity updates, ensuring operational integrity.


Multi-User Access Facilitate collaboration with team members by granting access to SellerActive through BigCommerce, providing greater flexibility in managing your store operations.


Pricing Source of Truth Set up seamless price synchronization from BigCommerce to SellerActive, ensuring that price changes reflect accurately across platforms. Visit our support center for configuration details.

Channels App Integration We've integrated with BigCommerce channel APIs, allowing orders created on BigCommerce to seamlessly appear within your marketplace channels on SellerActive.

Sale Price Integration Import BigCommerce sale prices as promotional prices into SellerActive, empowering you to create promotions directly within SellerActive with ease.


These updates are designed to elevate your selling experience on SellerActive, providing robust tools and functionalities to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Whether you're managing orders, handling taxes, or optimizing product imports, SellerActive is here to support your growth and success. Explore these features today and discover a smarter way to sell with SellerActive.

For more information on these updates and how to leverage them for your business, visit our support center or contact our customer success team. We're committed to helping you thrive in your e-commerce journey.

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