Optimizing Multichannel: Case Study with Cart.com and One Tree Brands

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Akash is the Director of One Tree Brands, a leading e-commerce agency specializing in the sale of vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter products across various online marketplaces.

Before implementing SellerActive by Cart.com, One Tree Brands faced challenges in managing bundled listings accurately, streamlining fulfillment workflows, bulk listing across multiple marketplaces, and having visibility of Buy Box performance, all of which resulted in lost time, resources, and opportunities.

With Cart.com and SellerActive's Bundling functionality, ShipStation integration, bulk listing feature, and detailed reports and alerts these issues were swiftly resolved, setting the stage for improved operations and Buy Box capture increase from 42% to 83% in three months.


Navigating Challenges: A Prelude to Innovation

Before partnering with Cart.com, One Tree Brands faced several challenges in managing their multichannel e-commerce efforts.

Key challenges included:

  • Bundling complexities with multiple listings
  • Difficulty in maintaining accuracy for bundled SKUs
  • Time-consuming manual processes for listing products on various channels
  • Limited visibility into Buy Box performance
  • Inefficient order processing workflows across platforms

There were significant obstacles in effectively managing bundled listings and maintaining accuracy across various configurations such as 2-pack and 3-pack proved challenging.


"One of the biggest challenges we had before Cart.com was bundling. We have multiple 2 and 3 pack listings. Maintaining accuracy was tough. After using the Bundling functionality in SellerActive by Cart.com, we had eliminated issues such as overselling and underselling." - Akash, Director of One Tree Brands


In addition to bundling issues, Akash and his team found themselves losing valuable time manually adding and updating inventory listing parameters across multiple marketplaces including Walmart and Amazon. They needed a way to manage bulk inventory listing across all the marketplaces they sold on. 

Multichannel selling is integral to One Tree Brands' strategy, but making data-informed decisions for various marketplaces was challenging. The performance data available was spread across different marketplace platforms making it labor intensive to centralize and analyze. For example, it was not possible for Akash to get an overview of how his pricing strategies were performing across all the marketplaces One Tree Brands was selling on.

Finally, in order to streamline order fulfillment workflows, Akash wanted all the marketplaces One Tree Brands sold on to route orders through ShipStation utilizing only the master SKUs. This wasn't straightforward as it required setting up and maintaining multiple instances of ShipStation integrations across every marketplace. 

Choosing Cart.com: A Strategic Partnership

The decision to choose Cart.com as their multichannel management platform stemmed from several factors, including the seamless flow of listing products and the ability to manage multiple listings of the same SKU efficiently. SellerActive by Cart.com's Amazon data analytics capabilities further solidified its appeal. Find out more about the solutions Cart.com provided One Tree Brands below:

Key solutions provided by SellerActive and Cart.com include:

  • Bundling functionality to streamline SKU management
  • Automated processes for maintaining accuracy and preventing overselling
  • Bulk listing upload feature for efficient multi-channel product listings
  • Enhanced reports and alerts for better Buy Box monitoring
  • Consolidated order processing workflows for improved efficiency

Quantifying the impact of SellerActive by Cart.com reveals the following key outcomes:


  • Boosting Efficiency with Bulk Listing Uploads: With the bulk listing upload feature, One Tree Brands experienced a significant increase in efficiency when listing products across various channels. Digital assets, including product information and images, were seamlessly transferred, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Mastering the Walmart Channel: The Walmart ID function played a pivotal role in facilitating One Tree Brands' success on the Walmart channel. It streamlined catalog maintenance, allowing for quick lookups within SellerActive by Cart.com and saving invaluable time.

"The Walmart ID function helped us maintain our Walmart catalog. We can run searches within SellerActive by Cart.com using the WMID feature, which saves time for everyone." - Akash, Director of One Tree Brands

  • Staying Competitive with Automated Repricing: Automated repricing technology empowered One Tree Brands to stay competitive and secure the Buy Box on various marketplaces. This strategic pricing approach resulted in a remarkable increase in Buy Box capture, skyrocketing from 42% to an impressive 83% within a few months.

"All our pricing is determined by the repricing functionality. We strictly maintain our P&L based on repricing." - Akash, Director of One Tree Brands


  • Consolidating Operations for Seamless Fulfillment: One Tree Brands centralized order processing and fulfillment workflows with SellerActive by Cart.com, seamlessly integrating with ShipStation. By sending only Master SKU data to ShipStation, the company achieved greater efficiency and accuracy in order processing.

"All our orders from SellerActive by Cart.com go to ShipStation, and we wanted only Master SKUs to be sent as order SKU to ShipStation, and we were able to successfully achieve that." - Akash, Director of One Tree Brands

  • Driving Growth with Enhanced Visibility and Insights: Cart.com's comprehensive reports and alerts provided One Tree Brands with enhanced visibility into listings, sales, and orders. These insights not only facilitated better decision-making but also contributed to improved sales, order accuracy, and operational efficiency.

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  • Building a Unified Product Catalog: One Tree Brands was able to build and manage a centralized product catalog effortlessly across multiple marketplaces. Leveraging data analyzing capabilities, the company could seamlessly cross-list products onto different platforms, ensuring maximum accuracy, visibility, and reach.

Partnering with Cart.com and SellerActive: The Path to Success

Cart.com and SellerActive has been instrumental in driving value for One Tree Brands by expanding its product catalog and enhancing operational efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, exceptional support, and affordable pricing, SellerActive by Cart.com continues to empower One Tree Brands on its journey of growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


About SellerActive by Cart.com

SellerActive, powered by Cart.com, is a leading multichannel management platform founded in 2011. Our platform enables e-commerce businesses to effortlessly expand their product reach across numerous channels, including Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, eBay, and more. With features such as centralized product catalog creation, automated repricing technology capturing the Buy Box up to 72% of the time, and streamlined inventory syncing and order routing. Whether you're seeking managed services or a DIY approach, SellerActive by Cart.com offers top-rated support and proven success in online sales channels and marketplaces. New customers have achieved an average sales growth of 22% in the first 60-days, without expanding their workforce. Unlock the full potential of your online business with Cart.com.