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We're excited to make multichannel selling more straightforward and profitable with Cart Channels. In partnership with DataFeedWatch, we designed these tools to help e-commerce businesses diversify their retail portfolios and capitalize on growing online shopping trends.  

We know the challenges brands face when running multiple sales channels at once. And doing it wrong often leads to lost sales, consumer confusion, inventory mismanagement, or worse. 

To alleviate those issues, we're introducing Cart Channels—a new suite of tools that helps brands sell more everywhere. 

What is Cart Channels? 

Cart Channels is a combination of tools that leverages vital data from DataFeedWatch to help businesses expand, oversee, and optimize product listings through SellerActive. Think of it as integrated software that unifies and automates your Marketplace Management and Feed Marketing tools. Only, you don't have to have the skills or time to scale your sales channels by doing it yourself. 

Before going any further, let’s take a quick look at the benefits Marketplace Management and Feed Marketing have for e-commerce sales to understand their importance. 

The Benefits of Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management allows e-commerce businesses to reach new customers by simplifying product listing distribution and price optimization on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Google, and elsewhere. 

  • Automated multichannel inventory syncing & fulfillment
  • Simplified order management
  • Automated repricing 
  • Edit multiple listings across all marketplaces
  • And so much more

The Benefits of Feed Marketing: 

Feed Marketing distributes those listings across 2,000+ online advertising, social media, and shopping channels to drive traffic and direct sales. 

  • Easily create feeds and list products 
  • Map products to specific advertising channels or categories
  • Leverage advertising channels like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
  • Automate advertisements and Google text ads
  • And so much more 

In addition to those perks, we offer White Glove Setup that allows businesses to skip managing and optimizing multichannel feeds and listings. Our partners also get access to our professional Customer Support team to aid anyone through issues or questions around optimizing feeds, listings, and more. 

Why Use Cart Channels? 

Researchers expect multichannel e-commerce sales to reach $535 billion by 2023, making it crucial for businesses to intentionally grow their online and offline presence rapidly. The good news is that multichannel software designed to help e-commerce businesses thrive has arrived. 

With the help of DataFeedWatch, we elevated what we do at SellerActive and make e-commerce management easy for our partners. With Cart Channels, you will:

  • Increase sales and advertising efforts from one platform
  • Post product listings across leading marketplaces 
  • Post products to all sales channels
  • Have access to quick customer service
  • Have support with managed services
  • Have innovative software that's updated regularly 

Who Should Use Cart Solutions? 

Our single software solution for marketplace management and feed marketing is perfect for established businesses and owners looking for a simplified and profitable solution for multichannel retail. The added data layer offered by DataFeedWatch strengthens digital advertising while directing new customers to your website. 

If you're an e-commerce business that isn't offering a multichannel retail experience or need help running an existing system, let's discuss how Cart Solutions can help.

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