As a growing eCommerce company, you understand how critical each of your employee’s workflows are for them to get their work done. Everyone has a different job to do and a different way they need to do it. That is why we are excited to announce the release of additional SellerActive users for each Account.

With this release, additional employees can have their own user login in your SellerActive account. So long, shared log-ins and shared individual settings! Every account now has an Account Owner, which is the only user with permission to create users for each of their employees/team members.

Things to know:

  • Each account will now have exactly 1 account owner
  • Your current account will automatically be migrated to an account owner
  • An account owner can create up to 5 users for their account
  • Account owners can revoke access to the account for a user at any time from the user portal

To create new users, go to Settings > Users and launch the User Creation window by clicking ‘Add General Access User’. After filling in the user details, the user will be sent an email with a link to login and set a password.

With this release, the distinction between an Account Owner and a General Access User is that the Owner can create additional users and access the store profile, whereas the General User cannot. We’re planning for additional permission features in the future.

Getting Started with Users

If you’re a SellerActive customer you can begin creating User accounts for your team today, just go to Settings > Users to get started. If you were waiting for the right time to automate your ecommerce workflows, sign up for a demo now. 

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