General App:

  • Fixed column configuration being lost from the workspaces in some circumstance.
  • Pricing strategies will now be sorted alphabetically in the drop down in the listings workspace for easier lookup.
  • Navigating to the SKU editor from a report was not working, now it will. 
  • Added component locations to orders grid and packing slips for bundle orders.
  • Channel will show up in the Buy Box Report export as the name of the channel, rather than our internal Channel ID.
  • UX Improvements:
    • Bundle quantity is now clearly editable on the bundle editor.
    • Radio button and channel card components now have a visible hover state.
    • Clarified toast message when categorizing variations and variation parents.


  • Improved error handling  and order import speed for Shopify integration.
  • Fixed missing eBay order item tax for orders using eBay managed payments.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Etsy orders to fail to import.
  • Fixed a bug that caused eBay orders to stop importing when order item title was missing.