General App:

  • Fixed a bug where saving a listing property would auto-scroll the user to the bottom of the properties section.
  • Various small visual updates to Dashboard, Reports, and Workspaces to make things a little cleaner.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented filtering on the order grid’s location column.


  • We will no longer reprice your items to your Minimum Price when the Amazon Competitive Price Threshold is below your minimum for the Win the Buy Box strategy type. If you're above the Amazon Competitive Price, you wont be eligible for the Buy Box, but since you were going to be above it at your Minimum Price anyway, there was no reason for us to price down. 
  • When using the Target Position strategy type for Amazon, we will not consider the Amazon Competitive Price Threshold when repricing, and reprice solely based on capturing a specific marketplace position.


  • Improved performance for eBay shipping tracking updates.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent your selected shipping policy from being used when you publish a new Amazon listing.