General App:

  • Added Created date column to the listings workspace. This column shows when the listing was first staged in SellerActive or when the listing was first imported into SellerActive from the sales channel.
  • Added Leadtime to Ship to Listings export. This column can be uploaded in the listings import to modify its value.
  • Fixed various UI details on Dashboard and Reports.


  • We’ve made several changes to improve how we handle updates to products on Shopify.
  • New Shopify listings will be imported every 30 minutes, with listings that were changed since the last time it ran. Pulling in a complete inventory file is still possible if you click the Import button on the Shopify integration settings page.
  • If you make changes to variations on Shopify (e.g. delete a variation, re-use a variation SKU), we will pick up the new Shopify product, and start syncing price and quantity updates again.