• Outbound price and quantity settings are no longer required to be on to publish listings to a channel. Instead, we've added a 'Publish' setting for Amazon, Ebay and Walmart which will allow you to turn Publishing on and off for that channel. No action is necessary for you to continue publishing if you previously had price or quantity management enabled.
  • We've added a 'Profit Based' dynamic type to the Walmart and Ebay pricing strategies. You can now have SellerActive use the channel fees and fulfillment costs when calculating these dynamic mins. For Walmart and Ebay, listings must be categorized in order for us to determine the correct fees. 


  • The generic error 'This listing is already staged' which appeared often when staging products has been updated to be more helpful. Often the products weren't yet staged, but some other issue was preventing them from being staged. This will now be displayed to you in the toast message.