• A new option in the Walmart BuyBox Strategy has been added which will move the offer price up to your preferred selling price if we're unable to capture the BuyBox because we've run into your minimum price. This should allow you to capture a little more margin for items where you cannot win the BuyBox.
  •  'Fulfillment Priority' is a new column in the Listings Workspace that shows you where a product will get fulfilled from if an order comes in for that Listing. 


  • We now update SkuVault with order cancellations as they get cancelled on the sales channels or in SellerActive.
  • Urgent notifications are now automatically resolved when we detect that the underlying issue has been fixed. This primarily happens when an integration has been re-authorized.


  • We fixed a small bug that was preventing some Walmart updates from going out to Walmart if the parent  product in a variation group was included in the update.