The Key to Amazon Inventory Management

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These days, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. But, that wasn’t always the case. Before it became the largest online retailer, Amazon needed to prove it could sell more than books online. Which was a challenge, the company found out, that had to do with inventory management.

After 20 years, Amazon’s marketplace still employs a distribution network model. This long-term and convenient solution allow products to move more seamlessly as only some items sold on Amazon are actually stored in Amazon’s facilities, while the rest are managed by third parties.

Your Amazon Listings and Inventory Need to Work Together

Effective Amazon inventory management demands smart listing management. Inconsistent or missing product descriptions, unrelated inventory keywords, and photos can impact in-demand inventory sales. To compete on Amazon, you’ll need to optimize your e-commerce listings with eye-catching, professional images and detailed, well-written copy.

Dynamic Prices Can Move Inventory

Stagnant Amazon inventory is frequently a result of stagnant prices. If you haven’t developed a dynamic pricing strategy for Amazon, consider all the factors that could cause the perceived value of an item to change. For instance, planned obsolescence and ecommerce seasonality greatly impact when consumers buy or replace certain items. Effective sellers think about these factors far in advance and use repricing software, like SellerActive, to continuously change their prices to maximize sales.

Inventory Minimums Ensure Maximum Profits

Inventory shortages frustrate customers and deprive retailers the ability to sell at their fullest capacity. In addition to losing income, a seller who can’t meet customers’ needs loses their credibility on Amazon’s marketplace, which negatively impacts all of their listings. While some sellouts can’t be prevented, many are avoidable. The secret is automated inventory management. With inventory management technology built for Amazon, you can harness real-time data about your products and listings to replenish your inventory on time and mitigate the risk of running low.

Consider the Supply Chain

Most sellers are buyers and it pays to think like one. Are you getting the best deal on products from manufacturers and suppliers? Is shipping eating into your profits? Are you confident you’re allocating your resources properly? Every decision and relationship along the supply chain matters and should influence your Amazon inventory management strategy. This is another area in which inventory management software can come in handy. The same tools you use to keep products in stock, set pricing, and coordinate listings, allow you to compare and choose between carriers and stay on top of your agreements with vendors and other business partners.

Amazon Inventory Management Software Is a Must

If you want to succeed at Amazon inventory management, your business needs an inventory management software. Amazon inventory management systems allow you to shape your e-commerce strategy around your customers. They empower you to keep an accurate count of current inventory, avoid sellouts, set prices dynamically, and use data about your stock and sales to remain competitive.

Efficiently Sell On Amazon With SellerActive

Every business’s needs are unique. It takes more than powerful software to succeed on Amazon marketplace. At SellerActive, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for e-commerce companies. That’s why we make sure our software is supported by a team of retail experts. Whether you manage your entire inventory in-house or use Fulfilled by Amazon, we can help you optimize and streamline your inventory system so you can expand on Amazon and beyond. Sign up for a free trial today to talk with our experts and learn how our inventory management software can grow your business.

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