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Jared, the Director of Digital Marketing and Marketplaces at Rocky Mountain ATV, faced significant challenges in their e-commerce operations, including manual order processing, resource-draining API maintenance, and inefficient platform integration. These issues hindered their ability to compete effectively and manage their multichannel sales strategy.

Implementing provided Rocky Mountain ATV with a comprehensive solution. The centralized product catalog management, seamless API integration, and automated repricing technology streamlined their operations, freeing up development resources and enhancing their competitive edge. Rocky Mountain ATV saw sales increase, in particular a $300,000 jump in January attributed to the new repricing strategy.'s robust support and innovative features have positioned Rocky Mountain ATV for continued growth and success across multiple e-commerce platforms.

Overcoming Operational Hurdles

Before partnering with, Rocky Mountain ATV faced significant challenges in managing their e-commerce operations effectively:

  • Manual Order Processing: The team had the time-consuming task of placing orders manually across multiple platforms.
  • Resource Drain: Maintaining APIs for multiple platforms consumed valuable development resources.
  • Inefficient Integration: Moving away from Amazon's old API and tying into eBay and Walmart APIs required integration, which was initially a struggle.
"The primary issue we had before utilizing SellerActive was having to either place orders manually or maintain multiple APIs. With a very busy development team, maintaining an API for multiple platforms was going to be a huge hassle." - Jared, Director of Digital Marketing and Marketplaces

Embracing A Thoughtful Decision

The decision to choose's Multi-channel Management was influenced by its robust feature set and competitive pricing. SellerActive offered functionalities that were essential for Rocky Mountain ATV’s operations at a cost that competitors couldn’t match.

Key Solutions Provided by

  • Centralized Product Catalog Management: Manage pricing and product data efficiently within a single platform, saving time and reducing errors.

  • API Integration: Rocky Mountain ATV could easily integrate with eBay and Walmart APIs, freeing up development resources and improving operational efficiency.

  • Automated Repricing Technology: Allowed Rocky Mountain ATV to remain competitive on various marketplaces, which significantly boosted sales.

"Price is king when it comes to the marketplaces. If you cannot offer a competitive price you cannot win the Buy Box and struggle to compete against other competing products." - Jared, Director of Digital Marketing and Marketplaces


Quantifying's Impact


  • Sales Increase: Implementing the repricing strategy led to a notable sales increase. For example, sales jumped by $300,000 in January compared to December, largely attributed to customized repricing strategies.

  • Order Processing Efficiency: By importing orders via API directly into their proprietary software, Rocky Mountain ATV increased sales on Walmart and eBay where orders previously had to be placed manually.

"The primary benefit was allowing us to import orders via the API directly into our proprietary software. This allowed us to increase sales on Walmart and eBay where orders had to be placed manually before integrating with SellerActive which takes time and manpower to make happen." - Jared, Director of Digital Marketing and Marketplaces


Seamless Integration and Support

Onboarding and Support: The team provided exceptional support during the onboarding process. Nohea Duro, Implementation & Services Senior Manager at, was helpful and patient, assisting Rocky Mountain ATV with coding and integration tasks, ensuring a smooth transition.

"The SellerActive team was helpful and patient. The integration team was very responsive and helpful during the coding process as well as follow-up once we were launched." - Jared, Director of Digital Marketing and Marketplaces




Achieving Sustainable Growth's Multi-channel Management has been integral to Rocky Mountain ATV's growth, especially on Amazon. The platform's ability to manage and centralize operations has paved the way for future expansion across eBay, Walmart, and potentially other platforms.

"SellerActive has been an integral part of our growth on Amazon and will be a huge factor when it comes to taking our success on Amazon and implementing those across eBay, Walmart, and perhaps future platforms." - Jared, Director of Digital Marketing and Marketplaces

Conclusion has proven to be a game-changer for Rocky Mountain ATV, providing essential tools to streamline their operations, enhance their competitive edge, and drive significant sales growth. With SellerActive’s continued support and innovative solutions, Rocky Mountain ATV is well-positioned for ongoing success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


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