eBay Marketplace Best Practices for the Holidays

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The holidays are a popular time for people to search online for the best deals on gift ideas. The closer the holiday shopping season gets means it’s time to start activating your holiday sales strategies. A helpful motivator lies in eBay’s suggested practices for optimizing success during the holiday shopping season. So what are the best practices for selling on eBay during the holidays? Let’s find out.

eBay Seasonal PlaybookDecorative "SALE" sign hanging in front of a Christmas tree.

In the eBay Seasonal Playbook retailers will find a host of solutions for their holiday sales questions: 

  • eBay best practices for selling during the holiday season
  • Carrier shipping dates and guidelines to get your packages delivered by Dec. 25th
  • Tips on optimizing your eBay listings
  • Social media marketing advice for the holidays
  • Research on popular trends and products
  • Seller insights on keeping your momentum going during this busy time of year

And that’s just the start! eBay provides sellers with just about anything they need to reach all of their end-of-year goals.

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Our experts at SellerActive also have a few recommendations that will help e-commerce sellers optimize their holiday selling strategy on eBay.

1. Sort out your SKU and inventory synchronization

  • Publish your product SKUs in sync with the other channels to make sure inventory flows between all platforms. 
  • Utilize FBA cross-channel or 3PL partners such as Deliverr to cut down on warehouse overhead and meet or exceed fulfillment expectations offered to your customers.

2. Make sure you are competitive with product pricing

SellerActive has recently updated our market data connection with eBay and is faster than ever at searching for competitors (based on UPC or MPN) while making sure you are competitive based on custom pricing rules and repricing that you set.

3. Never miss an opportunity to stand out in the crowd with content-rich listing practices

Fill out as many of the item-specific attribute fields for your listings. eBay listing content systems heavily favor listings that are accurately described. Promoting your listings has never been more important on eBay and item specifics will help your products stand out. Check for item-level errors on eBay directly to get ahead of any new listing requirements.

Maximize Profit this Holiday Season

Speaking of advertising, consider gaining more visibility for your listings through eBay's Promoted Listings program. Visit the program’s site above to capture best practices for advertising on eBay and details on tracking the performance of your Promoted Listings.

To easily expand your online store to eBay before the holiday season use a multi-channel inventory management software like SellerActive. We offer a free 14-day trial. Reach out to our team today to learn more and happy holiday selling! 

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