Did you know eBay has started policing duplicate item listings? The recent crackdown is an attempt to provide the best eBay experience for buyers and create a fair marketplace for sellers. Their duplicate listing policy comes as a small number of sellers have been posting misleading listings or using duplicates to gain an advantage. So, how do duplicate listings on eBay happen and what can you do to prevent them from affecting your online sales? Read on for more.

What Happens If I Have Duplicate Listings on eBay?A stack of mobile tablets and smartphones on a white table.

According to eBay, a number of things can happen if they find duplicate listings on your storefront, including, “administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension”. 

Some sellers on eBay’s community forum have been told by eBay that they could not list items for a period of 7 days in order to give them time to clean up and remove any duplicate listings they had and if they had duplicates in the future they would be suspended from selling on the platform.

How Does SellerActive Prevent Duplicate Listings?

SellerActive customers benefit from built-in protection. We want selling on eBay to be profitable for your business, so when we detect duplicate listings on our customer’s eBay account, we’ll stop product imports into our inventory management system and generate a file of listings to download. 

Sellers can then view the duplicates and correct any issues. Our interface for generating individual listings also prohibits the creation of duplicates soSellerActive customers can be confident they aren’t breaking eBay’s rules in the future.

Online merchants who aren’t using SellerActive should review their eBay listings manually and correct any duplicates they find. Though such an effort may represent a great deal of work, proactively removing duplicate listings is a better solution than suddenly realizing sales have dropped because listings are no longer visible.

Prevent eBay Duplicate Listings with SellerActive

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