Oct 7th Product Releases

  • Quick read

General App:

  • Starting today you'll notice you can remove listings from SellerActive via the bulk action button in the Listings Workspace:

    These listings will be removed from SellerActive, but wont be taken down from your sales channels. To remove a listing permanently, continue taking them down from each sales channel. 
  • You can adjust your Maximum visible quantities and Minimum quantity thresholds via the REST API. These parameters, formally called min and max buffers, give you finer control over how many items are for sale on a particular sales channel. 
  • We are now importing the shipping service from WooCommerce. 

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed an issue for Amazon quantity updates that was affecting sellers enrolled in the Remote FBA program. For more information on the problem and its solution, check out the knowledgebase article.
  • Unit price is no longer required when creating orders via the REST API.
  • Some fairly large performance improvements to our internal APIS which should result in faster load times throughout the app. 



About SellerActive by Cart.com

SellerActive, powered by Cart.com, is a leading multichannel management platform founded in 2011. Our platform enables e-commerce businesses to effortlessly expand their product reach across numerous channels, including Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, eBay, and more. With features such as centralized product catalog creation, automated repricing technology capturing the Buy Box up to 72% of the time, and streamlined inventory syncing and order routing. Whether you're seeking managed services or a DIY approach, SellerActive by Cart.com offers top-rated support and proven success in online sales channels and marketplaces. New customers have achieved an average sales growth of 22% in the first 60-days, without expanding their workforce. Unlock the full potential of your online business with SellerActive and Cart.com.