• Overselling an item will now send quantity updates to all channels for a SKU.
  • New setting to control quantity/fulfillment type fix for Remote FBA sellers ( Please contact our support team if you are enrolled in this program. 
  • New, faster eBay order imports.  We will be slowly migrating batches of customers throughout the week into this new program.
  • Faster BigCommerce inventory imports. You will now see partial inventory imports throughout the day instead of daily imports. 
  • eBay Buyer UserId has been moved from the Order Notes to a new column on the orders page. It is hidden by default.
  • Shopify orders will now include the note attributes in the order note field. This is different than Order Notes, which show up on the orders page. This data will show up in the Notes column of the grid.
  • Kit quantities and costs are now included with SkuVault updates.

 Pricing Engine:

  • Added Competitive Price Threshold (CPT) to the Win the Buy Box and Target Position strategy types. This value is dictated by Amazon, and you will not be able to win the buy box if your price is above the value. When a reprice event will result in a price greater than the CPT, we will use the CPT instead. If the value is lower than your Minimum or Dynamic Minimum Price, we will use those values instead so your price doesn't go below your Minimum prices. 

 General App:

  • Small fix to center the Listing Status popover arrow with the status icon.