Wow! It's been a minute since we've posted a new product update. As you know by now, SellerActive was acquired by earlier this year and we've spend some time getting our product to look and feel a little more Cart-like. It's been a wild and exciting couple of months since that announcement, but now that the paperwork is signed, we're excited to get back to delivering updates and exciting new features for you. 

Here are some recent updates that have made it out the door:


  • We now send tracking carrier names when updating BigCommerce orders, so your customers know which carriers are delivering their packages and BigCommerce can better provide tracking links to your customers. 
  • We started to send product weights to Shipstation, so you don't have to load them into Shipstation inventory ahead of time. 
  • ebay released some new  "refurbished" conditions  for a few categories.  We have adopted those conditions and are able to import and list those item conditions. 
  • For our ebay users, handling duplicate SKUs  has always been a little tricky. We now import your full ebay catalog daily to do a duplicate SKU check and you will get an in-app notification if we detect any. You will see exactly which SKUs are duplicated to then take action on.

Whats coming?

Other than that, we're keeping busy working on two exciting new releases that will come over the next couple of months
  • We're revolutionizing the way you add and edit products into the products workspace, some of the exciting updates include:
    • A wizard that guides you from start to finish
    • Image hosting for multiple images
    • All sorts of product property updates including: Intelligent property groupings, visual indicators for which sales channel each product property will be sent and a product property search
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) have been a rapidly growing opportunity for Walmart sellers, so we're going to fully support WFS inventory and orders.