SellerActive Q2 2022 Product Release Notes

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In Q2, our team released a number of updates that improve SellerActive’s integrations with both Walmart and Many of this quarter's releases improve SellerActive’s multichannel management capabilities with these platforms and improve your business’s ability to sell across multiple sales channels.

Walmart Fulfillment Services Integration

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) orders and inventory can now be imported into Multichannel Management. With this update, Walmart sellers can take advantage of MCM’s repricing engine to apply pricing strategies for optimizing their WFS listing conversions. 

Additionally, WFS sellers get all of the stock and order features available for other channels in MCM including low stock alerts, profit reports, order integrations, and the ability to view WFS orders in the MCM workspace.

Multichannel Management and Cart Storefront Integration

The initial version of the Multichannel Management and Storefront integration is now live! You can now add Cart Storefront as a sales channel within MCM integrations.

By setting up the connection with Storefront, your brand can import your Storefront catalog, orders, and inventory into MCM. This has three primary benefits:

  1. Storefront cross-channel selling: Existing Storefront customers can quickly and easily get their products uploaded and ready to sell on new channels by importing their catalog into MCM.
  2. Inventory accuracy across channels: Brands that use both Storefront and MCM will have their inventory automatically synced across channels to minimize the risk of overselling and reduce overhead that comes with tracking multiple products.
  3. Storefront orders fulfilled via FBA: Brands that use a fulfillment and shipping service that is integrated with MCM can now ship Storefront orders with Amazon FBA, giving them more shipping capabilities and access to Amazon’s vast shipping network.

Additional MCM Release Highlights

  • Update Amazon products in MCM: You can now update your Amazon product information through MCM. This helps you manage your content across channels from a single place.
  • MCM Category Recommendations: MCM now suggests commonly used categories for each channel when adding new products. This reduces how long it takes you to create each listing.
  • MCM Bulk Tags: You can now add product tags in bulk to improve your day-to-day workflows.

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