5 eBay Metrics You Should Track

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Whether you're an experienced eBay seller or launching your first listing, it's essential to know which service metrics you need to monitor to stay competitive. Fortunately, eBay makes it easy to review sales reports for individual listings as well as your overall performance through the Seller Hub

On the eBay Seller Hub, you'll find a wealth of data from your seller level, sales, traffic, and more in digestible charts and graphs.

We understand the challenges of interpreting data when there's so much to review, especially when the main eBay KPI is often revenue. Nevertheless, diving deeper into your metrics is the easiest way to increase your seller level, sales, and search results. 

Ready to improve sales? Let's move forward by covering 5 other crucial eBay KPIs you should monitor to help improve your seller rating and increase revenue. 

1. Sales Conversion RateDesk setup with a laptop computer in front of a computer monitor, with a plant and water bottle to the left and a white mouse on a black mouse pad to the right.

You're already tracking revenue, but are you keeping an eye on your sales conversion rate? If you're hearing this term for the first time, eBay calculates a conversion rate by dividing the number of sales (conversions) by your number of visitors. 

This service metric is essential to monitor because it tells you how well your store performs. If your conversion rate is below the average of 1.35%, it's time to improve it. Here are our tips for improving your eBay Conversion Rate: 

2. Selling Costs

Your selling costs are calculated based on your net sales versus your total sales. Keep an eye on this number because it directly impacts your ROI and tells you which fees are costing your business the most amount of money.

Understanding how to control different fees is vital to success. Fortunately, eBay Store subscribers can save on final value fees by enrolling in one of their premium plans. Depending on the one you pick, you'll save on final value fees by having the first $2,500 in sales capped at 12%. 

3. Transaction Defect RateGraphic design of a red shopping bag and an orange shopping bag with t-shirt prints.

The transaction defect rate is important for eBay sellers to monitor because it's closely tied to your seller rating. Here, you're scored based on two parts: 

  • Transactions you canceled for being out of stock
  • Cases closed without a seller resolution 

You are then graded based on the total number of successful transactions versus those with issues. So, if you sold 2 defective products out of 100, your transaction defect rate is 2%. And while 2% may not seem significant, it tells eBay that you're a below-average seller. Therefore, it's recommended that you keep your transaction defect rate below 0.5% to become a top-rated seller. 

The best way to improve a transaction defect rate is by resolving any customer issues and using an automated inventory management tool that keeps your stock updated. 

4. Click-Through Rate

It's crucial to present your listing in the most enticing way possible. Your click-through rate shows how many shoppers visit a listing based on their search history and what you present as results.

As a baseline, target an average click-through rate of 2.25%. The easiest way to improve this metric is by following our Guide of 10 Best Selling Practices for eBay Sellers

5. Compare Competitor PricesGraphic design of a "Half Price" hanging shopping sign and a checklist on a piece of paper with red checkmarks.

Monitoring competitor sales data over the last 90 days is an important way to make sure you properly price your items. The competitor pricing chart shows the average sale price of a product, while also highlighting transactions by competitors.

The Competitor Price graph is great to pay attention to because it'll tell you whether or not you should adjust the price of a listing based on recent sales. This is where an automated repricing strategy can come in handy to automatically update these listings for you. 

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