“Buy Box” is a very popular term in e-commerce today and that is because most transactions happen within it. Winning the buy box is important because customers are more drawn to the first listing, assuming that the search algorithm of the online retailer has shown them the best product for the best price.  If you are selling on multiple marketplaces, you have probably noticed that Amazon is not the only company using the term “Buy Box”; Walmart has also jumped on this trending word. There are a few key differences between the Amazon Buy Box and the Walmart Buy Box that you should know if you plan on selling on these marketplaces.

Amazon Buy Box -

Amazon has their own algorithm that determines which listing gets displayed in the buy box. Sellers must meet performance based requirements, which vary by category, to be placed in the buy box. While Amazon does not disclose the target performance-based requirements, because they are subject to change at any time, there are a few ways sellers can increase their chances of winning the buy box.

There are four major areas to focus on to increase your chances of owning the buy box:

  • Pricing

  • Availability

  • Fulfillment

  • Customer service

Again, the buy box performance target metrics will vary depending on the category and any new algorithm updates Amazon makes to ensure the best shopping experience for their customers.

Walmart Buy Box -

Walmart has recently opened up their marketplace to third-party sellers. As a result, there will now be multiple sellers offering the same item to customers. Walmart has their own algorithm for sellers to capture the buy box and it is actually quite simple.

There are two major areas to focus on to increase your chances of owning the Walmart buy box:

  • Product Quantity Availability

  • Price (plus the lowest shipping cost)

To win the buy box for the Walmart marketplace you will need to make sure your items are in-stock and you have the lowest price. According to our initial observations, being a single cent lower than your competition can win you the buy box. Remember that if the total price is over $50, shipping is free from Walmart.com.

We hope this helps you understand the different criteria used by Amazon and Walmart to capture more buy boxes.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our experienced support staff for more information!