SellerActive has teamed up with Walmart Marketplace to help sellers get set up on this growing platform faster and easier than going it alone. Learn more by watching our co-hosted webinar.

During the webinar, Alicia Definis from Walmart said:

“We’re really excited about growing the partnership with SellerActive, and about getting more great sellers on Walmart Marketplace. We think we’ve made a lot of great improvements to the seller experience, and want to make it more seamless and enjoyable in the future. We’re going to continue to iterate on that and get as many of you on the platform as we can, and look forward to getting more sellers live on Walmart Marketplace soon."

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During the webinar, sellers wanted to know more about the application process, how much it costs to sell on Walmart, and how SellerActive and Walmart work together to expedite new seller applications.

We’ve compiled this handy Q&A so you can learn from the webinar at-a-glance. 

Applying to Sell on Walmart

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What are the fees to sell on Walmart? 

We don’t have a monthly fee and we don’t have item setup fee. The only fee involved is revenue share, which are all listed if you Google “Walmart Marketplace revenue share”, our help page will pop up. Our revenue share fee is competitive with our competitors, but no monthly fees or item setup fees add value back to our sellers. 

Is there a minimum GMV requirement for becoming a seller on Walmart?

We used to have this requirement, but we do not any more. Over time we’ve learned that sometimes GMV can be low on another channel because there’s saturation in the category sellers are trying to compete in, so now, we allow sellers to join Walmart Marketplace regardless of their GMV.

How long is the normal turnaround time to get approved on Walmart's platform?

Applications will move a lot faster if you’re working with SellerActive or a channel management partner. We’ve really sped up their process, and conditional approval is available so long as you make it through the application, register your account and sign the selling agreement. You can be through that process in 25 minutes to begin the onboarding process, and then it usually takes around 48 hours to do two reviews on the Walmart Side—an application review and trust and safety review—before we provide you with approval and the ability to go live. 

Walmart Marketplace application and onboarding

I completed my application a month ago and haven’t heard back. Should I resend my application? What is the fastest way to get approved on Walmart so I can start selling on Walmart Marketplace?

If you’ve completed your application and want to work with SellerActive, talk to your SellerActive account manager, and we can work on your application internally between our teams. If you’re not a SellerActive customer, sign up and we can help you get set up faster. 

We have been selling on Amazon for sometime now and would love to join Walmart. When we completed application, it was denied without explanation or anyway to follow-up. Is there support team to reach out?

If you’re a SellerActive customer, reach out to us; we can work with Walmart to get this handled.

Walmart: You can contact us to create a ticket, but the best option is to work SellerActive, because they will work directly with you and our acquisition and onboarding teams to serve you best.

Walmart Marketplace is selective by design

We are a manufacturer of a sunless tanning product and meet all the qualifications to sell on Walmart. We have applied in the past and received no response. We’ve tried to re-apply, but the only response we received was that ‘this email has already applied’. If we apply again, will this be the case once again?

If you have applied in the past, there’s no need to re-apply. If you do re-apply, it will not allow you to move forward. I would recommend going through SellerActive for this, to try and figure out how to leverage the SellerActive/Walmart relationship to expedite your application.

Questions about Selling on Walmart

If we are approved to sell on Walmart but now want to change our company name, is that possible?

If you want to change your display name, aka your “Sold and Shipped by _____” name, you can change that in your seller settings. If you are changing legal information, you’re unable to do so within the first 10 days in Seller Center. If we’re doing a tax ID change, we’ll put you through a trust and safety review to make sure you are who you say you are.

Currently, the Walmart platform does not allow sellers to delete and remove unpublished/retired listings permanently from the inventory. This is making it very cluttered and confusing sometimes with the published listings. Is there a way to remove unpublished listings, or are there plans to do that? 

This is not something we can do within Seller Center right now. We’ve received a ton of feedback about this, and while we can’t give you a firm date of when this issue will be resolved, we can tell you that we plan to make changes to unpublished and retired listings soon. For the time being we recommend using a platform like SellerActive to manager your listings, because they have the ability to remove listings from their interface, which will reduce the clutter you see.

SellerActive: Within SellerActive we can remove them and you won’t see them within SellerActive, which you would be working out of to create and manage listings across all sales channels. 

Would Walmart Marketplace have a place for B2B selling? We are a Hydraulics company in Florida. We sell motors and pumps as well as hydraulic motor seal kits and parts. Would Walmart Marketplace let a company like us on? 

We do not have a specific B2B marketplace, but we do allow B2B sellers, and see a lot of traffic for those types of items. We absolutely encourage you to apply as as Walmart Marketplace seller! We’d be happy to have you on board. 

SellerActive: Additionally, we have a lot of customers in the industrial space who are having a lot of success on Walmart Marketplace, particularly with our automated repricing tools for Walmart. Reach out to if you’d like to learn more.

Is retail arbitrage allowed on Walmart?

We do not actively support retail arbitrage. 

Walmart 2-Day Shipping

Is Walmart affiliated with any Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies or third party warehouses? 

Our official fulfillment partner is Deliverr. They partner with both Walmart and SellerActive, and they provide great results for their customers. For more information on the partnership between Walmart, Deliverr and SellerActive, check out our co-hosted 2-Day Shipping webinar here.


What is the Walmart Marketplace shipping process? Do sellers dropship and pay for shipping? Does Walmart pay for 2-Day Shipping?

There are two methods to do 2-Day Shipping. The first way is through Deliverr, who can fulfill 2-Day Shipping nationwide, which will get you that powerful 2-Day Shipping tag. Within the 2-Day Shipping program in general, the cost is on the marketplace seller. We also have the ability to do something similar to Seller-Fulfilled Prime where we grant you a 2-Day Shipping badge, which we can do at a SKU level as well as a state level. With this option, we ask you to prove that you have a low ODR (Order Defect Rate), essentially making sure that you (the seller) can fulfill through normal routes. Then you can apply for the ability to participate in the 2-Day Shipping program. 

Deliverr also helps out with Walmart Marketplace onboarding. Are there additional benefits of working through SellerActive?

SellerActive: The reason we work so well with Deliverr is you can work directly with them and Walmart for order flow, but SellerActive is a whole multichannel management system. There are a lot of features that we offer folks that help people get set up on Walmart and Deliverr easily. If you want to learn more, email or click here to request a demo. 

In reference to 2-Day Shipping, does Walmart have negotiated ship rates with any carriers?

Sellers have the ability to request our advanced Fedex Rate Card through Seller Center, however we can’t disclose rate card information exactly until you request it for legal reasons. I definitely encourage current Walmart Marketplace sellers to open a ticket in Seller Center to find this information, or, if you’re not a current seller, open a support case with us and request that Fedex rate card link. 

SellerActive Multichannel Management and Automated Repricing

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Is SellerActive similar to Monsoon?

We share some similarities, but SellerActive is more focused on competitive automated repricing and efficiency of listing products to multiple channels. Our product is a bit more dynamic in terms of how we integrate with other products, and we’re more cost effective. If you’re using Monsoon right now and want to learn more about SellerActive, email or request a demo on our site, and we can evaluate if we’re the right fit for you. 

How much are SellerActive service fees?

We’re a very affordable platform. Our pricing tiers are available on our website, and we’ve even separated our tiers out into Basic Plans and Pro Plans, so you can easily choose a rate and tools that suit your budget.

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How could we check that our products are active for buyers to purchase after listing on SellerActive?

We have an awesome support team who works with our sellers to make sure their listings are active, but we also have reports that are available. For example, a listing gets deactivated - we can figure that out and help you figure out if the listing is active, and if we need to push it active again, that’s something we can help you with. 

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