Today’s eBay isn’t what it used to be.  Many people think of eBay only as an auction site or a place for someone to sell one-off items but that perception hasn’t kept up with reality. eBay’s mission is to be the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection, not just to be seen as the place to find a cheap deal or auction off the gems you had in your storage space. eBay finished 2016 Q4 with record results thanks to a very busy holiday season in which they were the 2nd most visited e-commerce site in the US .

The reality is:

• More than 75% of what is sold on eBay is new merchandise, available for   purchase immediately.

• 348 Million current app downloads.

• 87% of items are sold at fixed price.

• Ebay has 167 million active buyers as of 2016 Q4.

• 1 billion listings making it the world's largest marketplace.

• eBay mobile crossed $10B on volume for the first time ever in Q4.

What sets eBay apart?

Ebay focuses on empowering the seller, not competing with the sellers. Ebay prides themselves on building stronger connections between buyers and sellers while providing a fast, mobile and secure shopping/selling experience.

What sets eBay apart from Amazon and Walmart:

• Buyers in 190 markets
57% of sales are international
Ranked top 10 global retail brand
Global shipping program
As of February, eBay is accepting ASIN listings

eBay is dedicated to giving sellers the platform, solutions and support they need to grow their business including seller insights, store subscriptions, global shipping program, promotions manager, and promoted listings. All of these data driven tools and resources are there to help the sellers stay competitive across all 190 markets.

eBay has made huge strides to stay on top of the e-commerce competition and build a great relationship with SellerActive. To learn more about expanding your e-commerce business to eBay, talk to one of our dedicated sales teams members today!