Can You List on eBay and Amazon at the Same Time?

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We love what we do because it allows us to partner with e-commerce leaders looking to grow their businesses by expanding to new online marketplaces. Still, our customers often ask us whether or not it's possible to sell on eBay while running a store on Amazon?

The short answer is yes, and it can be very profitable.

eBay is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces and hosts 185 million active buyers. In addition, SellerActive customers who expand to eBay see an average sales increase of 30%, making it one of our favorite online stores to recommend for those looking to reach new buyers.

Now that we've run the numbers, it's crucial to understand that managing multiple online storefronts demands time and attention. Nevertheless, we have plenty of resources to help you succeed on eBay, but having multichannel management software for e-commerce businesses simplifies the process entirely.

The Advantages of Adding a New Sales Channel Like eBayeBay store showing watches on a laptop computer.

Having access to 185 million new buyers is the primary reason you should open an eBay Store. That alone means more customers, increased product visibility, and higher sales. But, it’s not the only benefit of having multichannel distribution. If you're still on the fence, listing your Amazon inventory on eBay becomes more appealing after knowing that nearly 40% of all items on the platform sell

More sales also means quicker inventory turnover. And when you need to ship those items, you have access to a new distribution channel that supports FBA.

How Do I Get Started on eBay?

Opening an eBay business account is simple. You'll start by picking a subscription tailored to your seller volume. After choosing a plan, eBay asks for your registered business name, corporate email address, password, and location. From there, you'll detail your business type, address, owner information, account managers, and bank information. 

If you're using a multichannel management platform for e-commerce businesses like SellerActive, you'll need to integrate your store and sync inventory across all platforms to avoid any issues. From there, we recommend reviewing eBay policies before designing a branded storefront and launching your first listing.

Grow Your Business with Multichannel Listing & Repricing SoftwareGrow Your Business with Multichannel Listing & Repricing Software

At SellerActive, we make it easy for e-commerce businesses to build and manage marketplace listings on Amazon and eBay simultaneously from one easy-to-use platform. In addition, our software increases sales by offering sellers the following benefits.

  • Easier Cross-Channel Listing Management: Reduce the time and frustration of selling on eBay with multichannel e-commerce software that automates critical services and allows bulk editing. 
  • Sync eBay Listings Across All Marketplaces: Coordinate listings, pricing, inventory, and fulfillment from one dashboard. 
  • Become More Strategic: Set your own eBay repricing strategy based on company goals or mirror pricing to stay ahead of the competition through automation. 
  • Manage Inventory from One Platform: Avoid sellouts and duplicate listings by automatically coordinating and updating inventory on Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere.
  • Simplify Shipping: Fulfill eBay orders with multichannel order management and FBA.

"The SellerActive team showed me that they could easily deal with over 100,000 SKUs, which my business required," praised Gavin Trippe, the CEO of 2 Wheel. Like Gavin, we continue to help entrepreneurs succeed by making online selling more accessible and profitable.

When you're ready for additional help, start a free 14-day trial of SellerActive to improve the way you sell on eBay!

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