What is Multichannel E-Commerce Management?

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When we talk about "multichannel e-commerce," we're describing a situation that involves more than one digital sales channel. So, for example, if you're running an Amazon Store and a Walmart Marketplace alongside your website, you're already running a multichannel e-commerce experience. When completed, "multichannel e-commerce management" explains how you manage those online storefronts at the same time.

Nevertheless, we know managing more than one online store has its challenges, and not doing it well often results in lost sales, poor inventory management, or a bad shopping experience for your customers. 

If you haven’t diversified your online sales channels yet, or wish to expand to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or elsewhere let’s explore how multichannel e-commerce management solutions streamline workflows and make selling online easier.

Manage All Storefronts from One Place01-manage-all-storefronts-from-one-place

It can be frustrating if you struggle to manage multiple e-commerce platforms due to time constraints, lack of experience, or other factors inhibiting success. Still, succeeding online can only work when all channels are unified, avoid competing with each other, and sync inventories across all platforms. 

That's why multichannel integration and software are so vital. Having one platform to manage all online marketplaces offers top sights on performance while allowing you to simultaneously build and manage listings for Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and elsewhere. Let's take a look at these elements closer.

Inventory and Order Management Made EasyPerson sitting at a round table working on a laptop computer.

A core reason businesses use multichannel e-commerce software is to manage inventory properly. Having a centralized inventory system saves sales and helps online sellers:

  • Control inventory across all sales channels simultaneously
  • Upload quantities in real-time on all sales channels
  • Send orders to your 3PL provider, FBA, or shipping solution
  • Avoid duplicate listings
  • Sell bundles
  • Evading lost sales from out-of-stock products

Additionally, you gain access to end-to-end fulfillment services. This is great for consolidating shipping services, providing faster delivery, reducing costs, and much more.

Synchronizing Listings Across Platforms Saves Time

Adopting a multichannel management solution for e-commerce businesses simplifies updating product pages by letting you adjust listings from one platform across all services. 

You can quickly update several SKUs under one listing, including those with copy and image variations or items with multiple colors and sizes on Amazon and Walmart. Similarly, you can build new product listings and publish them across your online stores from a single place. Collected together, you’re saving time by not having to manually update product listings individually while delivering a consistent branding experience.

Automated Repricing Keeps You Competitive02-automated-repricing-competitive

Starting an automated repricing strategy is one of the best ways for any e-commerce business to increase sales and stay competitive. This pricing technique uses multichannel e-commerce software to reprice a product automatically. It works by evaluating competitor data and their products or specific conditions you set. 

Keep in mind that your products won't sell below cost. Instead, automated repricing software works based on the rules you set in the platform, including price and inventory thresholds. What’s more, Automated repricing software like ours allows you to capture the buy box 72% of the time on average.

More Channels Means More CustomersWoman and man working in a clothing store working on inventory management on a computer.

Managing more than one digital storefront allows you to reach the millions of buyers accessible on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and elsewhere. Don't believe us? Let's take a look at the numbers.

We recommend starting with Amazon if you're opening your first marketplace beyond your website due to its popularity and simplicity. Then, once you're comfortable, explore how the Walmart Marketplace can elevate your branding and boost e-commerce sales. When you’re ready, discover the profitability of running an eBay Store.

Ready to Simplify Multichannel Management?

Our passion for helping e-commerce businesses reach new markets is why we love what we do. That’s why we take our topic further by offering end-to-end e-commerce software that simplifies online selling bundled as one solution. Our platform lets businesses automate, optimize, and manage Walmart, Amazon, and other marketplaces through a single tool. 

When you're ready to try our software or wish to improve your existing multichannel marketing plan, enroll in our free 14-day trial of SellerActive to get started. 

About SellerActive by Cart.com

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