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What Is Repricing Software?

by Matt Lurie
September 24,2018

Every second on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, merchants are adjusting their list prices in response to competition and other market conditions. Repricing is a core concept in e-commerce. And as with many aspects of e-commerce, the sellers...

How Rate Shopping Software Streamlines Order Fulfillment

by Matt Lurie
September 14,2018

Congratulations—your e-commerce business just made a sale! Now, how should you ship the order out? You have a bunch of carriers to choose from: there’s FedEx, the US Postal Service, UPS, and DHL, just to name a few. Which provides you with the...

A Guide to Automating Your E-Commerce Fulfillment

by Michael Krakaris
August 31,2018

If you want to compete against the eCommerce giants (and win), you need to fulfill orders as quickly as they do. But unlike you, they've got an unfair advantage...the economy of scale. Here's guest author Michael Krakaris of Deliverr to teach you...

How We’re Building a Better SellerActive With Beta

by Travis Tomlinson
August 13,2018

SellerActive is poised to release a product update that upgrades major areas of the application. As part of the final phase of testing, we’re granting early access to a beta version of the product. Why are we doing this? And how do beta testers...

3 Reasons Marketplace Order Management Creates E-commerce Success

by Matt Lurie
July 17,2018

As our users know, marketplace order management is essential for e-commerce success. Take SellerActive customer Island Watch, for example. Even if you don't know the name, there's a good chance you've heard some version of the company's story—or...

eBay Inventory Management Made Easy

by Matt Lurie
July 06,2018

It all started with a broken laser pointer. That was the first item ever sold on AuctionWeb, an online marketplace launched by programmer Pierre Omidyar in 1995. In the 23 years since then, AuctionWeb has evolved considerably—it's grown into a...

The Rise of Multichannel E-Commerce

by Matt Lurie
June 19,2018

If you're new to the world of multichannel e-commerce, the options, marketplaces, and terminology before you might seem daunting and confusing. However, chances are you're not as uninformed as you think, and will only need a bit of information to...

How to Sell on Walmart: Your Questions Answered

by Hannah Jennings-Voykovich
June 01,2018

Walmart, the highest-earning company in the world, is catching its stride in the e-commerce space. In Q4 of 2017 alone, Walmart.com’s sales rose 44% to $11.5B; a figure that caught the attention of online sellers everywhere.

Why Your Business Needs Amazon Inventory Management Software

by Matt Lurie
May 14,2018

Amazon controls the world. The online retail juggernaut is not only a category leader, but with more than 200,000 employees and annual revenue over $177 billion, it's one of the largest companies, period. Suffice it to say that if you sell products...

SellerActive Agrees to Join Newly-Formed Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

by Hannah Jennings-Voykovich
May 10,2018

Amazon has invited SellerActive to join its new Marketplace Developer Council.

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