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Feature Friday 2/16/18: Updates to Jet, Amazon, and more

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve worked on a few big changes these past two weeks, and we’re excited to announce them to you today.

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How to Turn Skyrocketing Retail Return Rates into a Competitive Advantage

1.4 million: that was the number of packages UPS reported it would be delivering to retailers on January 3rd, 2018, also known as “National Returns Da...

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How the Amazon Buy Box Works

Every product page on Amazon features an extremely powerful button: “Add to Cart”. Each day, millions of sellers are competing with each other—and Ama...

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Expand Beyond Amazon and Into New Marketplaces

There’s a reason Amazon has associated itself with the word “prime.” With billions of dollars in annual revenue, dozens of profitable subsidiaries, an...

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Feature Friday 01/19

Happy Friday! Today’s update may look small, but it signals the start of several changes coming in 2018 that will allow our sellers to grow their busi...

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eBay Has Made It Easier for Sellers to Use Guaranteed Delivery—Just in Time for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Last-minute holiday shopping can be both a boon and a major source of stress for e-commerce businesses. This December, eBay is doing their part to eas...

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Feature Friday 12/1

It’s finally Friday!  Let’s celebrate with a new report just released for all sellers! We have been focusing on our reporting tools and we know you wi...

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Feature Friday 11/17

TGIFF… Thank Goodness It’s Feature Friday! This time of year we don’t focus on rolling out a ton of new features, given how close we are to most of ou...

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Amazon May Be Lowering Your Prices During the Holiday Retail Rush—And You May Not Know It

Retail is already a hyper-competitive field, but the holidays tend to ratchet up the competition to a frenzy. Sellers hear stories about sellouts, so ...

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2017 Holiday Shipping Deadlines in the US

This article was originally posted to ShipStation's The Daily Shopper blog. View original blog here.

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Feature Friday 11/3

What’s better than Friday? New SellerActive features for your business, of course! Our product team has been hard at work focusing on making our new m...

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Feature Friday 10/20

Happy Friday! Our team has been growing and we are excited to show off what we have been working on! We have some great updates and features to share ...