Jan 26th Product Releases

General App Added support for Walmart shipping templates.  We'll import your existing shipping templates and apply them to your Walmart listings in Se...


Improve Automated Pricing with Walmart Marketplace Buy Box Webhooks

Walmart Marketplaces's recently released Buy Box notification API makes the process of monitoring price changes easier for online sellers.  


Jan 5th Product Releases

General App: Added Created date column to the listings workspace. This column shows when the listing was first staged in SellerActive or when the list...


Dec 29th Product Releases

General App: Added Listed Quantity to the listings workspace and listings tab. Now you can see the channel specific quantity that SellerActive is send...


Dec 15th Product Releases

General App: Fixed a bug where saving a listing property would auto-scroll the user to the bottom of the properties section. Various small visual upda...


Dec 8th Product Releases

General App: Added “Not Categorized” filter to Listings workspace, so you can easily see listings that are missing a category. Fixed a bug that would ...

amazon holiday package How to Sell Online

Amazon: Marketplace Best Practices for the Holidays

For this third and final holiday marketplace piece we turn to the amazing tips and suggestions offered through Amazon’s Holiday Season Best Practices.


Dec 1st Product Releases

General App: Fixed column configuration being lost from the workspaces in some circumstance. Pricing strategies will now be sorted alphabetically in t...

holiday gift sparkles walmart How to Sell Online

Walmart: Marketplace Best Practices for the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season already in place, it’s smart to consider the best practices Walmart has to offer for online retailers...


Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Repricing This Holiday Season

This 2018 article has been updated to reflect 2020 statistics.   It’s not easy being Santa Claus. Packaging and shipping all those products, keeping e...

2020 holiday online shopper Multichannel Management

How To Increase Profit This Record-Breaking Holiday Season

Now that we’ve officially reached the 2020 holiday shopping season, it’s time to fully optimize your online listings and generate as much profit as po...


Nov 2nd Product Releases

Integrations: Overselling an item will now send quantity updates to all channels for a SKU. New setting to control quantity/fulfillment type fix for R...