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What Is Repricing In E-Commerce?

It's become essential for e-commerce businesses to embrace new technology and strategies to stay competitive on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. As ...

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Walmart's New-Seller Savings Offers 30 Days of Commission-Free Sales (New Deadline: June 30, 2021)

Update: May 4, 2021 (Article originally published March 4th) New-Seller Savings Deadline Extended: Did you know that Walmart Marketplace is running it...


Improve Automated Pricing with Walmart Marketplace Buy Box Webhooks

Walmart Marketplaces's recently released Buy Box notification API makes the process of monitoring price changes easier for online sellers.


Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Repricing This Holiday Season

This 2018 article has been updated to reflect 2020 statistics. It’s not easy being Santa Claus. Packaging and shipping all those products, keeping eve...

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How To Increase Profit This Record-Breaking Holiday Season

Now that we’ve officially reached the 2020 holiday shopping season, it’s time to fully optimize your online listings and generate as much profit as po...

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What Is Repricing Software?

Every second on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, merchants are adjusting their list prices in response to competition and other market conditions...

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How the Amazon Buy Box Works

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Amazon Buy Box and Walmart Buy Box: What You Need to Know

“Buy Box” is a very popular term in e-commerce today. Also known as the Featured Offer on Amazon, it is the top right section on a product page. Produ...

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12 Days of Success: Minimum Price Reporting

Welcome back to the 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 11th day of success SellerActive is giving you reporting and monitoring products at m...

12 days Repricing

12 Day of Success: Velocity Pricing

Welcome back to our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 7th day of success SellerActive is giving you velocity pricing! Velocity pricing is n...

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12 Days of Success: 3 Different Buy Box Strategies

Amazon does not publicize the exact algorithm for determining who wins the Buy Box, but from our experience, price is the primary factor. Therefore, o...

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Our Buy Box Algorithm Has Changed!

Big changes are happening here at SellerActive – changes to our Buy Box algorithm, that is!