Release Notes - June 5th 2023

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Person holding a smartphone in their left hand and a gold credit card in their right hand while sitting at a table looking at a laptop computer. Multichannel Management

The Challenges of Multichannel Management - and How to Overcome Them

E-commerce businesses must diversify beyond direct sales to meet consumer demands to stay competitive now that 70% of shoppers use multiple sales chan...

5 Key Success Factors for Multichannel E-Commerce ECommerce

5 Key Success Factors for Multichannel E-Commerce

If you're starting a multichannel e-commerce strategy for the first time, you should take every opportunity to give your enterprise the best chance to...

Silver laptop computer on a light wooden table displaying the DataFeedWatch website. DataFeedWatch

Grow Your Business with SellerActive & DataFeedWatch

We're excited to make multichannel selling more straightforward and profitable with Cart Channels. In partnership with DataFeedWatch, we designed thes...

Two people sitting on a couch creating an online store for t-shirts. Multichannel Management

How Does Multichannel Retail Provide More Value to Customers?

Businesses are seeking new ways to offer customers solutions for finding their products on and offline. In turn, companies are becoming more competiti...

Woman holding a clipboard counting packing boxes on a countertop.

6 Tips for Successful Multichannel E-Commerce Management

We are so excited to see so many businesses discover success beyond their website by taking a multichannel approach. Still, we want to ensure our read...

Person holding a smartphone in their hand while sitting at a table and working on a laptop.

What is Multichannel E-Commerce Management?

When we talk about "multichannel e-commerce," we're describing a situation that involves more than one digital sales channel. So, for example, if you'...


SellerActive Q2 2022 Product Release Notes

In Q2, our team released a number of updates that improve SellerActive’s integrations with both Walmart and Many of this quarter's releases ...

Graphic design of a man in a black suit and tie standing next to a tablet showing the Amazon and eBay logos.

Can You List on eBay and Amazon at the Same Time?

We love what we do because it allows us to partner with e-commerce leaders looking to grow their businesses by expanding to new online marketplaces. S...

eBay online store displaying digital cameras pulled up on a desktop computer.

How to Check Your eBay for Duplicate Listings

Let's discuss duplicate eBay listings and how they impact your seller rating and sales. For starters, eBay enforces a duplicate policy to offer shoppe...

Line graph with a green line starting at the number 775.

5 eBay Metrics You Should Track

Whether you're an experienced eBay seller or launching your first listing, it's essential to know which service metrics you need to monitor to stay co...

Graphic design of the eBay store on a desktop computer.

How are eBay Fees and Selling Costs Set?

We understand the frustration of making a big sale only to see a percentage of your revenue go to fees. And given that eBay's final value fees range b...


Is It Profitable to Sell on eBay?

Many e-commerce businesses come to us when they need assistance navigating the profitability of eBay. And while many prefer to stay within the safer l...


How Does Selling on eBay Work?

eBay offers sellers the solutions and support they need to grow their business, including seller insights, store subscriptions, a global shipping prog...


What Is Repricing In E-Commerce?

It's become essential for e-commerce businesses to embrace new technology and strategies to stay competitive on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. As ...


SellerActive Q1 2022 Product Release Notes

SellerActive was recently acquired by at the beginning of the year. Since then, there have been a number of updates to get our product to ali...

Multichannel Management

What Are The Benefits Of Multichannel Distribution?

The growth of online marketplaces provides unique opportunities for online companies to gain new buyers and streamline the supply chain. As an e-comme...


Walmart Scorecard Metrics that Matter

At SellerActive, we specialize in helping Walmart Marketplace sellers succeed by offering multi-channel repricing and inventory management tools desig...

Person pointing to a bar graph with a pen. ECommerce

5 E-Commerce KPIs Your Small Business Should Track

Today, we're discussing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for small businesses. First, you might be wondering about the difference between metrics and...

Person looking at a mobile phone while working on a laptop. Walmart

Walmart SEO: How To Optimize Your Marketplace Listing

We love helping marketing managers grow their e-commerce businesses online. Now that you've expanded your company's digital storefront by introducing ...

Walmart website header. Walmart

5 Profitable Advantages to Being a Walmart Marketplace Seller

Expanding your reach as an established e-commerce store beyond your primary platform to Walmart Marketplace offers a wealth of benefits. Walmart has s...

Man writing on a notepad standing in front of boxes. Product

SellerActive Q4 2021 Product Release Notes

In Q4 of 2021, there were 101 user stories deployed. These product updates fell into a few different categories, the largest being improvements to the...


March 17 Product Releases

Wow! It's been a minute since we've posted a new product update. As you know by now, SellerActive was acquired by earlier this year and we've...

Woman wearing glasses looking at a cell phone while sitting in front of a computer. Amazon

How To Reduce Amazon Seller Fees

As a manager of a thriving e-commerce business, you're probably looking for ways to maximize the ROI on your Amazon storefront by reducing costs. But ...

Amazon shopping app logo. Amazon

What Is a Good Sales Conversion Rate On Amazon?

The Amazon Marketplace provides hundreds of entrepreneurs with the exciting opportunity to expand their e-commerce business on a platform visited by 2...

Person holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper while looking at a grey laptop. ECommerce

E-commerce Trends To Be Ready For In 2022

E-commerce is an ever-evolving transaction, shifting and expanding to fit consumers’ needs and tastes. E-commerce is constantly growing, but it doesn’...

Graphic image of beauty products. Amazon

Top Selling Products on Amazon in 2021

In 2021, consumer purchases on Amazon reflected a hopeful transition back to pre-pandemic lifestyles. Shopping trends continue to evolve as more peopl...

Amazon logo on a smartphone. Amazon

What Is An Amazon Affiliate Partnership?

Amazon continues to soar to the top of online marketplace exchanges. As one of the largest retailers in the world, Amazon is responsible for approxima...

Person holding a credit card next to a laptop. Multichannel Management

Top Online Marketplaces in 2022

Since e-commerce continues to lead the buyer's world, many business owners choose to sell their products on various online marketplaces. Heading into ...


December 2nd Product Releases


September 15th Product Releases


July 7th Product Releases


June 8th Product Releases

J&M Golf case study blog banner image ECommerce

J&M Golf Scored a Hole in One with SellerActive


May 13th Product Releases


Making More Money with Making It Count

Marketplace expansion was inevitable for Making It Count once they began working with SellerActive to sell online.

ecommerce retailers taxes ECommerce

How to Handle Certain Tax Issues for Ecommerce Retailers

SellerActive Business Advisor Russell R. Boedeker (CMA, CSCA) offers expert tax advice for businesses that sell products and services online, includin...


April 13th Product Releases


March 17th Product Releases


Walmart packages Repricing

Walmart's New-Seller Savings Offers 30 Days of Commission-Free Sales (New Deadline: June 30, 2021)

Update: May 4, 2021 (Article originally published March 4th) New-Seller Savings Deadline Extended: Did you know that Walmart Marketplace is running it...

Garage Art Neon Signs Success Stories

How Multichannel Selling Increased Sales for Garage Art

SellerActive’s professional services helped Garage Art’s owner save valuable time, and increase profit on channels new to their business.


Feb 9th Product Releases


ecommerce marketplace expansion increase sales ECommerce

Sell More on More Marketplaces

Marketplace expansion increases profit opportunities, and SellerActive makes it easy.


Jan 26th Product Releases

General App Added support for Walmart shipping templates. We'll import your existing shipping templates and apply them to your Walmart listings in Sel...


Improve Automated Pricing with Walmart Marketplace Buy Box Webhooks

Walmart Marketplaces's recently released Buy Box notification API makes the process of monitoring price changes easier for online sellers.


Jan 5th Product Releases

General App: Added Created date column to the listings workspace. This column shows when the listing was first staged in SellerActive or when the list...


Dec 29th Product Releases

General App: Added Listed Quantity to the listings workspace and listings tab. Now you can see the channel specific quantity that SellerActive is send...


Dec 15th Product Releases

General App: Fixed a bug where saving a listing property would auto-scroll the user to the bottom of the properties section. Various small visual upda...


Dec 8th Product Releases

General App: Added “Not Categorized” filter to Listings workspace, so you can easily see listings that are missing a category. Fixed a bug that would ...

amazon holiday package ECommerce

Amazon: Marketplace Best Practices for the Holidays

For this third and final holiday marketplace piece we turn to the amazing tips and suggestions offered through Amazon’s Holiday Season Best Practices.


Dec 1st Product Releases

General App: Fixed column configuration being lost from the workspaces in some circumstance. Pricing strategies will now be sorted alphabetically in t...

holiday gift sparkles walmart ECommerce

Walmart: Marketplace Best Practices for the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season already in place, it’s smart to consider the best practices Walmart has to offer for online retailers...


Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Repricing This Holiday Season

This 2018 article has been updated to reflect 2020 statistics. It’s not easy being Santa Claus. Packaging and shipping all those products, keeping eve...

2020 holiday online shopper ECommerce

How To Increase Profit This Record-Breaking Holiday Season

Now that we’ve officially reached the 2020 holiday shopping season, it’s time to fully optimize your online listings and generate as much profit as po...


Nov 2nd Product Releases

Integrations: Overselling an item will now send quantity updates to all channels for a SKU. New setting to control quantity/fulfillment type fix for R...

holiday gift packages ebay eBay

eBay Marketplace Best Practices for the Holidays

The holidays are a popular time for people to search online for the best deals on gift ideas. The closer the holiday shopping season gets means it’s t...


Oct 27th Product Releases

General App: eBay listing images will now show up on the listings tab of the SKU pane. Bug fix: Exporting from the Buy Box report will return Price + ...

transition b2b b2c ECommerce

Making the Transition from B2B to B2C

Working with more than one sales channel can be complicated if you don’t take the right approach.


Oct 20th Product Releases

General App: Performance improvements to the REST API. There should be no impact to user of the API. Added Certified Refurbished to our eBay condition...

ecommerce revolution 2020 blog image ECommerce

Ramp Up Success During the 2020 Ecommerce Revolution

Explore the state of digital retail and the trends that will likely shape 2021.


Oct 7th Product Releases

General App: Starting today you'll notice you can remove listings from SellerActive via the bulk action button in the Listings Workspace: These listin...

Success Stories

Consolidating Inventory Management Boosted Productivity For ivaluemart

With SellerActive & Deliverr, ivaluemart saved close to 100 hours/month of one employee’s time.


Multi-User Accounts

As a growing eCommerce company, you understand how critical each of your employee’s workflows are for them to get their work done. Everyone has a diff...

Success Stories

How KidsStuff Increased Business through SellerActive Multichannel

With SellerActive, KidsStuff was able to more than double their business during COVID-19, without having to hire more people.

Success Stories

Easy Integrations Accelerated Profit For Fresh Water Systems

Discover how Fresh Water Systems went from $600k in yearly revenue to averaging that same amount, monthly with SellerActive. Fresh Water Systems has b...


Product Update: Pricing Strategies

SellerActive is about to release another helpful update, this time through the redesign of the Pricing Strategies feature. These improvements make it ...

How to Sell Online

Selling Pre-Owned Electronics on Back Market

This article is a guest post written by Ben Petersen, Head of New Business Development U.S. at Back Market, a SellerActive partner. Back Market is one...

bopis-online-retailers How to Sell Online

It's BOPIS or Bust for Retailers Reopening in Coming Weeks

This article was originally published on the SkuVault website here. It was written in collaboration with our partners BigCommerce, ShipStation, and Sk...

SellerActive Partners

5 Ways to Ensure Your Operations Stay Strong During COVID-19

Checkout this guest blog post from our partner, Deliverr, about ways to ensure your operations stay strong during COVID-19. Also, they are surveying m...


Product Enhancements to Update Inventory and Products via File Import

We recently released new functionality to streamline and provide the ability to update your product and inventory in bulk. You may now make updates to...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Product Enhancements to the Variation Creation and Listing Process

We are excited to announce enhancements we recently made to the process of creating variations and publishing variation listings to make it easier to ...

Overhead view of a person working on a laptop. How to Sell Online

How to Have Your Products Ready for Advertising on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is getting more and more challenging every day, especially for business owners who are new to creating a selling or advertising stra...

Holiday Shoppers Header Multichannel Management

How to reach holiday shoppers this Q4

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - it’s also the busiest. With 60% of US shoppers purchasing their holiday gifts online, the internet is now m...

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 9.04.31 AM SellerActive Partners

Partner Spotlight: Free Inbounds Week at Deliverr

Our friends over at Deliverr are helping you get ready for Black Friday and the holiday season with Free Inbounds Week.

AdobeStock_279492284_Editorial_Use_Only Order Management

How to Save Money on Shipping

Shipping is imperative for any ecommerce business, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your products to customers. Here’s ShipStation’s ...

Walmart-Seller-Webinar-Blog-Header Multichannel Management

Walmart Webinar: How to Start Selling on Walmart Marketplace

SellerActive teamed up with Walmart Marketplace for a co-hosted webinar to help sellers get set up on their growing platform faster and easier than go...

Summer-Spend-Featured Multichannel Management

How to Combine Fast Shipping and Smart Repricing to Capture Summer Spend

We recently hosted a webinar with our fulfillment partner Deliverr that showed people how automated repricing and fast shipping tags can be your ticke...

Prime-Header How to Sell Online

How To Get on Amazon Prime: FBA vs. SFP

Getting on Amazon Prime should be part of every sellers’ e-commerce strategy. Selling on Amazon Prime brings faster shipping, increased conversions, h...

Warehouse-header Multichannel Management

How to Grow Your Amazon Business with a Streamlined Warehouse-to-Marketplace Solution

We recently hosted a webinar with SkuVault Warehouse Management System that outlined why e-commerce sellers with a streamlined warehouse-to-marketplac...

Walmart-Webinar-2 How to Sell Online

How SellerActive Customers Can Use Deliverr to Join Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

The team at SellerActive recently held a webinar with new integration partner Deliverr, an Amazon-like fulfillment alternative for multichannel busine...

Walmart package How to Sell Online

How to Use Walmart Performance Ads

Walmart may have 100 million monthly shoppers, but as with all e-commerce marketplaces, sellers should be prepared to face competition. In this guest ...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1 Company

Announcing the New SellerActive

Today we’re releasing the newest iteration of SellerActive, and along with it, a return to our roots as a software solution built by sellers, for sell...

Bike Tire Products 2 - with cursor - approved Company

What’s new with SellerActive

Today, SellerActive is releasing a major software upgrade. You’ll see a number of changes in this new iteration, including new workflows, tools, and f...

Woman working in a fabric and homewares store Multichannel Management

How to Understand Multichannel Inventory Management (Without Driving Yourself Crazy)

If you sell the same products on multiple channels, keeping things synchronized everywhere you do business can be a challenge. That challenge has a na...

Sell-More-on-Amazon Multichannel Management

How to Sell More on Amazon in 2019

It might be the most commonly asked question in the world of e-commerce: “How do I sell more on Amazon?"

Woman packing ecommerce sales up for fulfillment with tape Multichannel Management

14 E-Commerce Tools Every Online Seller Needs

Want to make a profit on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, or any other online marketplace? Then you’re going to need the right e-commerce tools.

Multichannel Header Test 4-1 Multichannel Management

How to Use Multi Marketplace Listing Software

If you’ve ever shopped for a product online, chances are you’ve browsed more than one marketplace. Very few people shop exclusively on eBay, Walmart, ...

Person standing next to a stack of wooden pallets working on a laptop. Multichannel Management

The Key to Amazon Inventory Management

These days, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. But, that wasn’t always the case. Before it became the largest online retailer, Amazon needed t...

Repricing-New-Header Repricing

What Is Repricing Software?

Every second on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, merchants are adjusting their list prices in response to competition and other market conditions...

Rate-Shopping How to Sell Online

How Rate Shopping Software Streamlines Order Fulfillment

Congratulations—your e-commerce business just made a sale! Now, how should you ship the order out? You have a bunch of carriers to choose from: there’...

An Image of Bot box Stormtrooper and Amazon Multichannel Management

A Guide to Automating Your E-Commerce Fulfillment

If you want to compete against the eCommerce giants (and win), you need to fulfill orders as quickly as they do. But unlike you, they've got an unfair...

Better-Beta Company

How We’re Building a Better SellerActive With Beta

SellerActive is poised to release a product update that upgrades major areas of the application. As part of the final phase of testing, we’re granting...

marketplace-order-management-shipping-items Multichannel Management

3 Reasons Marketplace Order Management Creates E-commerce Success

As our users know, marketplace order management is essential for e-commerce success. Take SellerActive customer Island Watch, for example. Even if you...

A person opening up the eBay app on a mobile phone. Multichannel Management

eBay Inventory Management Made Easy

It all started with a broken laser pointer—The first item ever sold on AuctionWeb, an online marketplace launched by programmer Pierre Omidyar in 1995...

Rise-of-Multichannel Multichannel Management

The Rise of Multichannel E-Commerce

If you're new to the world of multichannel e-commerce, the options, marketplaces, and terminology used might seem daunting and confusing. However, cha...

Walmart-Webinar-1 Multichannel Management

How to Sell on Walmart: Your Questions Answered

Walmart, the highest-earning company in the world, is catching its stride in the e-commerce space. In Q4 of 2017 alone,’s sales rose 44% t...

Amazon-Header Multichannel Management

Why Your Business Needs Amazon Inventory Management Software

Amazon controls the world. The online retail juggernaut is not only a category leader, but with more than 200,000 employees and annual revenue over $1...

Amazon-Header-2 Company

SellerActive Agrees to Join Newly-Formed Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

Amazon has invited SellerActive to join its new Marketplace Developer Council.

Green-laptop Multichannel Management

6 Ecommerce Integrations Your Business Needs

The internet is a big place—and it keeps getting bigger. Apps, platforms, marketplaces, and digital solutions are launched on a daily basis. Consumer ...

Hyper-Picking SellerActive Partners

Integration Spotlight: SkuVault Hyper Picking

Our friends over at SkuVault have been busy recently! They recently rolled out a speedy new picking feature that may be of interest to anyone in the m...

Walmart-Images-1 SellerActive Partners

Attention Fashion Sellers: Walmart's Image Requirements Are Changing

Walmart Marketplace has quickly become one of the top online retail channels to sell and buy on. As their online market has grown, so have the platfor...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday – New "Queued" Status, a Fix for Unpublished Walmart Items, and more

TGIF, Sellers! The team at SellerActive has been working hard on these latest updates, which can help you publish, re-publish and fulfill items quicke...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460 Company

New product updates feed, and more!

Happy Friday, world! Things are looking a little different this week because we’ve added a small but pretty exciting new addition to our feature set. ...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460 Product

Feature Friday 03/02/18: Quick Filters and Amazon Cognito

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we’re announcing a couple of minor improvements that aim to make SellerActive more user friendly and secure. Here’s a bi...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 2/16/18: Updates to Jet, Amazon, and more

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve worked on a few big changes these past two weeks, and we’re excited to announce them to you today.

Man standing in warehouse with clipboard Multichannel Management

How to Turn Skyrocketing Retail Return Rates into a Competitive Advantage

1.4 million: that was the number of packages UPS reported it would be delivering to retailers on January 3rd, 2018, also known as “National Returns Da...

Mouse pointer on a screen showing an Amazon shopping cart total. Repricing

How the Amazon Buy Box Works

Amazon-Header-2 Multichannel Management

Expand Beyond Amazon and Into New Marketplaces

There’s a reason Amazon has associated itself with the word “prime.” With billions of dollars in annual revenue, dozens of profitable subsidiaries, an...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 01/19

Happy Friday! Today’s update may look small, but it signals the start of several changes coming in 2018 that will allow our sellers to grow their busi...

ebay_2017_logo_colors Order Management

eBay Has Made It Easier for Sellers to Use Guaranteed Delivery—Just in Time for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Last-minute holiday shopping can be both a boon and a major source of stress for e-commerce businesses. This December, eBay is doing their part to eas...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 12/1

It’s finally Friday! Let’s celebrate with a new report just released for all sellers! We have been focusing on our reporting tools and we know you wil...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 11/17

TGIFF… Thank Goodness It’s Feature Friday! This time of year we don’t focus on rolling out a ton of new features, given how close we are to most of ou...

amazon_seller_featured.jpg Industry News

Amazon May Be Lowering Your Prices During the Holiday Retail Rush—And You May Not Know It

Retail is already a hyper-competitive field, but the holidays tend to ratchet up the competition to a frenzy. Sellers hear stories about sellouts, so ...

Santa No Text How to Sell Online

2017 Holiday Shipping Deadlines in the US

This article was originally posted to ShipStation's The Daily Shopper blog. View original blog here.

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 11/3

What’s better than Friday? New SellerActive features for your business, of course! Our product team has been hard at work focusing on making our new m...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 10/20

Happy Friday! Our team has been growing and we are excited to show off what we have been working on! We have some great updates and features to share ...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 10/6

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better, and we are excited to share our updates with you!

latestannouncements.jpg Industry News

eBay 2017 Fall Seller Update: What You Need to Know in Order to Keep Your Listings Visible

School’s in session, there’s a chill in the air, and eBay just released their 2017 Fall Seller Update. True to e-commerce platform’s stated vision for...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 9/22

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better, and we are excited to share our updates to our listing ...

Boxes on a warehouse assembly line, ready for fulfillment Industry News

What Amazon’s New Transit Time Settings Mean for Your Business

WooCommerce-Header Company

Announcing WooCommerce Integration

From a humble beginning in 2008 selling a handful of commercial WordPress Themes to 30,954,070 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online st...

USPS Logo Industry News

Expect Rate Hikes for USPS in January

Every year you can expect prices on shipping and postage to increase. In 2018, postal services are projected to raise anywhere from 2%-3%. The USPS wi...

Spark-Shipping-Logo Company

SellerActive Now Supports Spark Shipping

SellerActive is excited to officially partner with Spark Shipping.

Monthly usage.png Product

New Dashboard Graph Updates

SellerActive has launched new dashboard graphs to track customers sales and usage. You can find the new charts on the main dashboard after logging int...

egd.jpg Industry News

eBay Introduces Guaranteed Delivery

Just in time for the 2017 holidays season, eBay has announced the launch of their guaranteed delivery program allowing buyers the option of searching ...

BigCommerce-Logo Company

SellerActive Selected as BigCommerce Certified Technology Partner

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share our new partnership with you...

Amazon-Header-2 Product

90% Faster Processing for Amazon API Notifications

SellerActive has been making some big repricing changes over the last few weeks! The newest updates increase speeds for price changes and reporting in...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 7/7

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share some of our latest updates a...

Amazon-Header-2 Product

New Amazon ASIN Generator Tool from SellerActive

SellerActive has been busy working on some cool new tools that will make listing products on Amazon and create ASIN listings even faster, and we are s...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460-1-1 Product

Feature Friday 6/16/17

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share some of our latest updates a...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460 Product

New Changes to the Pricing Manager!

In preparation for our new ASIN creation tool, we are making changes to our pricing manager navigation!

ebay_2017_logo_colors Industry News

eBay Announces 2017 Summer Seller Updates

This summer eBay is rolling out new updates to help sellers increase their sales by creating a better experience for buyers. As eBay gears up for thei...

ebay_2017_logo_colors SellerActive Partners

Exclusive eBay Best Practices Webinar Series

Join us for an exclusive SellerActive and eBay webinar series where you will get the latest info and tips for improving your eBay business. Specifical...

SellerActive Feature Friday image Product

Feature Friday 5/5/17

TGIF! We made it through another week! SellerActive is excited to share with you the new integration we have been working on! ShipWorks - ShipWorks is...

SellerActive Feature Friday Header Image Product

Feature Friday 4-21-17

TGIF! We made it through another week! SellerActive is excited to share with you the new integration we have been working on! ShipWorks - Shipworks in...

ebay_2017_logo_colors Industry News

Ebay Spring Seller Updates and Changes

Back in February 2017 eBay announced some big changes that will roll out May 1st. Being one of the top online retail destinations, eBay constantly mak...

SellerActive Feature Friday Header Image Product

Feature Friday 4-10

Happy Friday! We've been busy making awesome dropshipping updates and we can't wait to hear your feedback.

IRCE Company

$200 Discount for IRCE 2017!

Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) is one of the largest retail conferences full of industry experts and amazing solution providers li...

ebay.jpg SellerActive Partners

Three Days Of eBay! - eBay Webinars

Helping sellers deliver the best retail experience to consumers is a top priority for eBay. Join us for this webinar series where you will get the lat...

SellerActive Feature Friday image Product

Feature Friday 3-31

TGIF! We've been busy making awesome updates and we can't wait to hear your feedback. Here are a few of the recent changes we've made in the last mont...

sa_feature_friday_graphic_900x460 Product

Dashboard Updates You May Notice

You may have noticed that the inventory value graph is no longer available on the SellerActive dashboard. We are reviewing the business needs of our c...

fba_cover_3 Multichannel Management

eBook: How to Succeed at Cross-Channel Fulfillment Using FBA

E-commerce sellers can find the powerful combination of FBA and Cross-Channel Fulfillment to be an excellent strategy for their businesses which can l...

SellerActive Feature Friday Header Image Product

Feature Friday 2-24

TGIF! We have two huge new Walmart features we know you will love this Feature Friday! Walmart Repricer - Walmart Algorithmic Buy Box strategy is here...

Prosper-Show Company

$100 Discount for Prosper Show in Vegas!

We'll See You in Vegas! SellerActive is excited to be a part of this year's Prosper show and even more excited to offer you a special discount on tick...

Small shopping cart with cosmetics bottles. Repricing

Amazon Buy Box and Walmart Buy Box: What You Need to Know

“Buy Box” is a very popular term in e-commerce today. Also known as the Featured Offer on Amazon, it is the top right section on a product page. Produ...

SellerActive Feature Friday Header Image Product

Feature Friday 2-10

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share some of our latest updates w...

ebay_2017_logo_colors How to Sell Online

eBay’s 10 Best Selling Practices

What makes a successful eBay listing? Is there a formula that allows your product to reach more buyers through search rankings? Given our experience w...

eBay shopping cart icon on a keyboard. Multichannel Management

Should You Be Selling on eBay?

Today’s eBay isn’t what it used to be. Many people think of eBay only as an auction site or a place for someone to sell one-off items but that percept...

SellerActive Feature Friday Graphic Product

Feature Friday 2-20

It’s Friday! We have been working on some great new features we are sure you will love.

12 days Product

12 Days of Success:  Unlimited Support!

On the 12th day of success SellerActive is giving you unlimited support and resources!

12 days Repricing

12 Days of Success: Minimum Price Reporting

Welcome back to the 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 11th day of success SellerActive is giving you reporting and monitoring products at m...

12 days-5 How to Sell Online

12 Days of Success: Low Stock Report

Welcome to the 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 10th day of success SellerActive is giving you low stock reports!

12 days Product

12 Days of Success: Control Over Lead Time to Ship!

We are still going strong with our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 9th day of success SellerActive is giving you control over your lead t...

12 days Product

12 Days of Success: Integrations!

Welcome back to 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 8th day of success SellerActive is giving you so many integrations!

12 days Repricing

12 Day of Success: Velocity Pricing

Welcome back to our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 7th day of success SellerActive is giving you velocity pricing! Velocity pricing is n...

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12 Days of Success: Free eBook

We are back with our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 6th day of success SellerActive is giving you a FREE e-book!

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12 Days of Success: Manage Amazon and eBay Orders!

Welcome to another day of our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 5th day of success SellerActive is giving you managed Amazon and eBay order...

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12 Days of Success: Promised Amazon Shipping Dates

Welcome back to our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 4th day of success SellerActive is giving you Amazon promised shipping dates!

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12 Days of Success: Remove Your eBay Listing Limits

We are back with our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 3rd day of success SellerActive is giving you raised eBay limits!

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12 Days of Success With SellerActive: Gift Wrap Messages and Hiding Gift Prices

We are just getting started with our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 2nd day of success SellerActive is giving pulled in gift wrap messag...

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Feature Friday 12-09

Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share some of our latest updates w...

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12 Days of Success: 3 Different Buy Box Strategies

Amazon does not publicize the exact algorithm for determining who wins the Buy Box, but from our experience, price is the primary factor. Therefore, o...

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How to Bring in More Post-Christmas Sales to Your Storefront!

Many e-commerce businesses start to worry during the last week of December, fearing that their sales will crumble after the holidays. Don’t let this h...

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Feature Friday 12-02

It’s Friday! We have been busy making updates and have so much to share with you!

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Guest Blog: Explains:  What is Trademark Infringement

A trademark is a symbol, phrase, or some other device that distinguishes ownership of a product or service. For example, the way that McDonald’s write...

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SellerActive’s New Partnership with Walmart Marketplaces

SellerActive is excited to announce our new partnership with Walmart marketplaces. Our new integration works seamlessly for sellers who already have a...

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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Selling on

We have received an overwhelming number of requests over the past year to integrate with, the newest marketplace that promises better margins,...

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Sell on Amazon in Europe With Our Newest Integrations!

Our latest integrations within the SellerActive platform are for all of our customers who currently or wish to sell internationally! As Amazon continu...

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Key New Features You Need to Know About!

TGIF! It’s Friday and you know what that means… New SellerActive features are launching today on the platform!

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Feature Friday: New feature!

If you are one of our customers currently selling on, this update will certainly come in handy!

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Multichannel Selling Made Easy with SellerActive’s Newest Features!

Today on the SellerActive blog, we are sharing the latest and greatest updates to our platform. Take a look and let us know in the comments below how ...

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The Difference Between Amazon Automate Repricing and SellerActive

Earlier this year, Amazon announced a new addition to Seller Central – the Amazon Automate Pricing tool. This will allow all Professional seller accou...

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New Integration: SellerActive &

It’s time to celebrate – you can now use SellerActive to list products on! Currently, has 3.6 million customers since their launch in ...

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Update to SellerActive Pricing Manager

We are thrilled to announce that the Pricing Manager experience in the SellerActive platform recently received a beautiful new update!

Sell on Amazon Prime Industry News

Sell on Amazon Prime – FBA Not Required

Early in 2015 Amazon started including items sold by third-party merchants in its Super Saver shipping program. By expanding the selection of eligible...

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eBay Bulk Listing Tool from SellerActive

Starting now eBay sellers can use our eBay Listing Tool to upload listings in bulk. We’ve replaced a confusing set of error codes and unfriendly inter...

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Feature Friday 9-28-16

Search All Marketplaces Feature – Have you ever wanted to compare prices across multiple marketplaces for a specific SKU, or figure out which marketpl...

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Feature Friday 9-16-16

Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime – If you use Desktop Shipper with SellerActive, it is easy to get set up with the Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime prog...

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Our Recap From eBay OPEN!

Last week, SellerActive Senior Sales Consultant, Tim Bildstein, attended the eBay OPEN Seller Celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was intended...

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Why Amazon Just Loves FBA

Any third-party seller can tell you that Amazon makes a bunch of money by charging them fees associated with Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA. The profit...

Look out, Amazon – Walmart Readies Membership Program to Compete with Prime Industry News

Look out, Amazon — Walmart Readies Membership Program to Compete with Prime

Amazon Prime is a great deal for Amazon. Shoppers signing up for Prime spend more money at Amazon than average buyers and they pay the company for the...

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Feature Friday 7-08-16

This week on the blog, we are sharing some major updates to the SellerActive platform. Get ready to make your life as a seller easier. Hooray!

IRCE Industry News

Everything You Need to Know at IRCE 2016

Are you headed to Chicago for the Super Bowl of conferences, better known as Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition (IRCE) this week? Great, so are...

Amazon’s FBA Small and Light Program Great for Sellers Multichannel Management

Amazon’s FBA Small and Light Program Great for Sellers

For many online marketers, participating in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) relieves them from packing and shipping chores and lessens their need for ware...

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Why Negative Amazon Feedback Isn’t All That Bad

A bad review is often the worst thing you want to see as an Amazon seller. Many sellers know that winning the Buy Box is best achieved by improving fe...

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Feature Friday 5-14

This week we wanted to highlight something within the software that nearly all of our sellers utilize: Vendor Management. SellerActive’s robust vendor...

ebay_store_fees_2016 Industry News

What You Need to Know About the Latest eBay Fee Hike

eBay recently announced they are changing their fee structure, yet again. Some sellers will see eBay store operating costs rise by 75%, and only have ...


Introducing Feature Friday

Because SellerActive has a huge suite of tools and features that are designed to make your life easier, we thought it would be great to regularly spot...

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Feature Friday 3-10-16

Exciting news! New SellerActive features are here. In this post we will highlight the top updates to our software that are hitting your screens today....

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Feature Friday 3-18-16

The newest features hitting SellerActive this week are all about convenience. Below, you’ll find updates to the platform that will make your time as a...

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Feature Friday 2-26-16

It’s time for another installment of SellerActive features! Today, we are releasing tons of new features to help our customers stay on top of their gr...

SellerActive Amazon Buy Box Options Repricing

Our Buy Box Algorithm Has Changed!

Big changes are happening here at SellerActive – changes to our Buy Box algorithm, that is!

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Come Visit Us at The Prosper Show!

Are you an Amazon seller wanting to exponentially grow your business in 2016? If you answered yes, then you need to block out your calendar from Febru...

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Feature Friday 2-12-16

We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better! To keep our customers well informed of changes and updates, we are st...

Dollar-Hobbyz Multichannel Management

Hobby Business Puts Inventory Management on Remote Control

Amazon-Header-2 Industry News

Avoid Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees in 2016!

Don’t pay the extra fees if you don’t have to.

ebay_2017_logo_colors How to Sell Online

eBay Raises the Curtain on Seller Defects

A year ago eBay changed the way it rated Sellers. Instead of the previously established performance measurements, the marketplace began using a factor...

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Amazon Targets Non-Prime Members with New Shipping Threshold

Online shoppers will now have to spend more to receive free shipping on The e-commerce retailer announced last week that they are upping t...

Person typing on a silver laptop computer on top of a white table. How to Sell Online

eBay Punishes Sellers for Duplicate Listings

Did you know eBay has started policing duplicate item listings? The recent crackdown is an attempt to provide the best eBay experience for buyers and ...

Fedex-Logo Industry News

FedEx: Thanks for the business online sellers, now pay up!

The cost to ship goods to customers is going up – again. And FedEx says online sales are to blame!